Pitch your PhD!

A session organised by and for our PhD candidates was offered during the CAPHRI online Research Meeting on 23 November to give PhDs the opportunity to present their work to the CAPHRI community. 

All CAPHRI PhD candidates were invited to submit a pre-recorded 3-minute video pitch of their research project. This work could either consist of research results, but also of work in progress, or even a research proposal. 33 CAPHRI PhD candidates submitted their pitch about their research. After a careful pre-selection, 8 of them were selected to pitch their work at the CAPHRI online Research Meeting and had a chance to win 500€ to spend on their own professional development. We were proud to see so many high-quality pitches!

Why a research pitch session?

Clearly explaining what your research is about is an increasingly important skill for scientists. For example, it helps you to tell your story at a conference and apply for grants. Moreover, nowadays many funders ask that you bring the results of your research to the attention of the public. In addition, positive media attention can give your career as a researcher a nice boost. The CAPHRI Research Meeting offers PhDs a safe and inspiring environment to practice their pitch skills and to obtain tips and feedback from (experienced) researchers. Last but not least, 2 prizes were awarded: the jury and the audience award!

Submitted pitches

33 CAPHRI PhD candidates submitted their pitch about their research. Watch the pitches per Research Line below.