Go the Extra Mile videos

Pablo's Extra Miles

Small classes and a special approach to education prompted Pablo to enrol at Maastricht University. An extra benefit, he says, is the international composition of the student population, which gives you many different points of view and different approaches to the same problems.

Pablo sees Maastricht like a kind of playground: if you really want to do something and make a real effort, you’re going to be able to do it, he firmly believes. There are many platforms available to help you achieve your goals or initiatives.

In his spare time, Pablo organises ‘Shake-Awakes’ with the InnBetween student community: starting the day with a dance.

Rugile's Extra Miles

Rugile considers the start of her studies at Maastricht University as opening a new chapter of her life. A chapter in which, apart from studying, she grew as a person and Maastricht became her new home.

She was attracted by the fact that UM students work in small groups as part of the Problem-Based Learning system and that the university offers many diverse international opportunities. This made Rugile decide to sign up for a bachelor’s programme at Maastricht University.

In her free time she works as a UM Student Ambassador. She has also joined the Faculty Council as a student representative. Exploring the fun part of studying in Maastricht, she joined the student theatre association Alles is Drama.

Louisa's Extra Miles

When Louisa came to Maastricht, one thing immediately caught her eye: there is almost no barrier between the student and the teacher.  Everyone in the PBL session is more or less at the same level.

She really enjoyes finding like-minded people and talking about things that she always wanted to know. Louisa is always curious to look for new boundaries and find different ways to connect all the things that she likes for a meaningful life.

One thing that was maybe the most impactful event of my medical studies was being able to go to Tanzania. Working there as a medical student expanded her horizon on a level that she never imagined before.

Albert's Extra Miles

According to Albert being a student is not an option, it is part of life. He came to Maastricht as a Zimbabwean with the goal of understanding Europe better. “And I kind of hit the jackpot here in the birthplace of the EU with Germany and Belgium barely a car ride away.”

Most of his classmates come from all over the world. “In Maastricht there is room to share what you know, to debate and pull and push each other’s knowledge, to fight for what you believe and surrender whatever ignorance you harbor. That’s probably the spirit behind PBL".

"Maastricht isn’t perfect, but what makes it great, it’s a balance of things and it makes you balance things too."