Maastricht University Ambassador team

UM Ambassadors

 Are you enthusiastic about your university and the PBL method (or PCL) method?
  Do you enjoy studying in an international environment?
  Do you like living in Maastricht?
  Are you willing to share your experiences with prospective students at promotion events?
 Do you have a Dutch Social Security Number and Dutch Health insurance?

Then check the full vacancy and join our UM ambassador team! 

General Information 

At information fairs and other activities for prospective students Maastricht University (UM) is always represented by its students. For this purpose, UM has its own team of ambassadors, consisting of students who are trained in presentation skills and who are informed about all ins and outs of studying in Maastricht. Working for both faculty as well as country teams is a possibility as well! In addition to working during recruitment activities, you may be asked to perform other activities.

We are looking for enthusiastic and motivated students

There are two kinds of ambassador teams:
- Faculty ambassadors (every faculty has his own team)
- All-round ambassadors, Dutch and International (ambassadors who have well-rounded knowledge concerning all UM programmes)

We are looking for enthusiastic and motivated students for both teams, who feel closely attached to UM. The working hours for an ambassador depend on the amount of promotion activities of 'your' team and your own availability. There are busy but also quiet periods of work. You are therefore expected to be flexibly deployable. But of course, your study always comes first!

The faculty teams

In the faculty team you will present your faculty to prospective students. You are highly motivated about your faculty and able to express this enthusiastically with knowledge of all the admissions and programme details. You will get intensive training, after which you will visit information fairs and schools, and help at open days and other events (online and offline).

There are 6 faculty teams:

  • Law
  • Health, Medicine and Life Sciences
  • Psychology
  • Arts and Social Sciences
  • Economics & Business
  • Science & Engineering: 
    University College Maastricht
    Department of Advanced Computing Sciences
    Maastricht Science Programme
    University College Venlo

The all-round teams

As a member of the all-round teams, you are intrinsically motivated and enthusiastic about the UM. You have well-rounded knowledge concerning all UM programmes to present them professionally. Besides, you are somewhat familiar with the formal procedures concerning admission. Members of the all-round team are concerned with the international recruitment and assist in other events and happenings; such as online presentations about Maastricht University in general, PBL-presentations and/or customized school presentations. Moreover, (online) fairs, -webinars and -1-to-1 talks (Talk to an International Student) are part of your tasks.
Which all-round teams do we have:

  •  Dutch Allround team, only for Dutch events
  • Allround International teams, which include: 
    -International schools team (ambassadors with international school education, i.e. International Baccalaureate, A-Level) 
    - Country Team Germany 
    - Country Team Belgium

For more information about contracts and payment, please visit the website of InterUM

Application procedure

Do you have the skills and characteristics listed below? Then you might be eligible for our ambassador team. 

Skills and characteristics of a member of the ambassadors team:

 You are enthusiastic an motivated, you want to work for Maastricht University
 You have affinity with UM and are representative
 You have good presentation and communication skills
 You have a good command of English (or Dutch if applicable)
 You are independent, flexible and creative
 You have knowledge of the functionalities and possibilities of Zoom and other online presentation tools
 You are interested in other cultures and norms and values

We expect applicants to be available for at least one year to work at different activities. We offer a 0-hours contract what means no fixed hours or a fixed income.

Having a driver's license, a good command of multiple languages and/ or work experience will put you at an advantage.

Application procedure ambassador team
Please check the schedule below for the available vacancies. In order to apply, please send your CV and application letter to the e-mail address of the team you are applying for:


E-mail address

Deadline for applications

Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences 

19 June

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences 

19 June

School of Business and Economics

19 June

Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience

19 June

FSE Bachelor programmes 25 June
FSE Master programmes

25 June

Faculty of Law no vacancies


All-round team E-mail address Deadline for applications


19 June
Country teams:
  • CT Germany 
  • CT Belgium
  • CT International schools  19 June

For further information about becoming ambassador, please send your question to

Your work as an ambassador will start in the new academic year.

In order to become an ambassador, you are required to participate in the central organised ambassadors training. Every team organise his own training around August and September.