Dr Jens Lachmund (J.D.)

Jens Lachmund is a sociologist of science and technology (STS) and of the environment, whose research has mostly employed a combined sociological and historical approach. He has published widely on cultural practices of illness and medicine, among other things two monographs which focus on patient history ("Patientenwelten. Krankheit und Medizin vom späten 18. zum frühen 20. Jahrhundert im Spiegel von Autobiographien", co-authored with Gunnar Stollberg, 1995) and on diagnostic change in C19-medicine ("Der abgehorchte Körper. Zur Historischen Soziologie der medizinischen Untersuchung", 1997).

Later his research focus has shifted to cities, ecology, and the politics of urban natures. Thereby, he seeks to integrate approaches of science and technology studies with urban studies and constructivist environmental sociology. His book "Greening Berlin. The Co-production of Science, Politics, and Urban Nature" (Cambridge/MA, 2013) is a case study of urban ecology in the former West- and the unified Berlin which traces the interaction between ecological fieldwork practices, planning expertise, civic activism and urban space. He is also co-editor of "Science and the City", OSIRIS 18, 2003 - together with Sven Dierig and Andrew Mendelsohn -, and of "Spatializing the History of Ecology" (New York/London, 2017) - together with Raf de Bont. He is currently engaged in research on the historical sociology of urban gardening and agriculture.    

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