Prof Dr Ir Wiebe Bijker (W.E.)

  • CAST (Cultures of Arts, Science, and Technology), a 2-year research master (MPhil):
  • ESST (European Society, Science and Technology studies), a 1-year MA
  • WTMC (Netherlands Graduate School for Science, Technology, and Modern Culture)
  • UNU-Merit PhD programm: course "Social Construction of Technology for Develoment"
  • Cultuurwetenschappen (Dutch BA)
  • Arts and Culture (English BA)


"CAST is an interdisciplinary research master. If you have an inquisitive mind and are curious to find out how the world hangs together and how things work (or not); if you are open-minded and you are attracted by the adventure to explore the interrelations between philosophy, history, sociology, and arts theory; if you are creative in defining surprising problems, suggesting innovative solutions, and seeing fresh connections; if you have a passion for critical inquiry and debate — then CAST is the right programme for you."



WTMC: Netherlands Graduate Research School for STS
ESST master degree on European Science, Technology, and Society
CAST research master (MPhil): Cultures of Arts, Science, and Technology
Audio and reading files of the PhD course "Social Construction of Technology for Development" for UNU_Merit