Presentations: PowerPoint templates

New templates are now available for making PowerPoint presentations. There are two types: UM standard (aspect ratio 4:3) and UM widescreen (aspect ratio 16:9). To make a presentation, you can download a PowerPoint template, or have preferred supplier make it for you.

You can download the files here:

Save document as template
Open PowerPoint. Go to “Save” and select “PowerPoint template (.potx)”. You will be automatically directed to the folder “My templates”. Press “Save”. You will now be able to select the desired template from the folder “My templates”.

Master slides
If you want to add a new slide, you can choose from a number of master slides (e.g. title slides, text slides, image slides). Go to “New slide” and select the slide with the desired layout. There are 6 title slide options.

Slide numbers and user
You can show or hide the slide numbers, date and department name or brand under “Insert” > “Header & Footer”.

UM has compiled a manual with useful information on presentation content as well as practical tips: how to create a good presentation, how to locate suitable images, etc.

Corporate presentation
A corporate powerpoint presentation is available (in a Dutch and English version) in order to present information about Maastricht University. This presentation contains detailed information about the organisation like facts and figures, our education and research, alumni and strategic programme. You can use this presentation as a whole or use a selection of slides.

You can download the files here:

corporate presentatie augustus 2023 NL
corporate_presentation_August 2023.pptx

For a recent slide on rankings, please contact Academic Affairs: