PhD Information

These pages contain information on practical matters you need to arrange before and during your doctoral research. MHeNs will support you throughout your entire PhD journey. More detailed information can be found in our MHeNs PhD guide. The use of the PhD Track System for PhD candidates will help you and us to do so. In addition, our MHeNs PhD coordinator provides information and confidential support in case of questions or problems related to your PhD trajectory. 

MHeNs PhD guide

The MHeNs PhD Guide contains information on all aspects of doing a PhD at MHeNs, ranging from the training programme, guidelines for supervision and training, and the PhD defense. It contains valuable information for current and prospective PhD candidates as well as for supervisors . In addition, we have a specific guide with information for joint doctorates (PhD candidates supervised by supervisors of two universities) which will lead to a joint or double PhD degree. For additional information on joint doctorates contact: Nicole Senden.



 Marjan Drukker
PhD Coordinator

The PhD coordinator's role is to facilitate communication between PhD candidates and the MHeNs Board, to monitor and work to improve course offerings, and to provide confidential support and guidance.


PhD TRACK System

All PhD candidates of MHeNs and their supervisors use the TRACK system to monitor the progress of the PhD project, to store relevant documents in a secure system and to facilitate timely and efficient communication between students and supervisors. At the start of a new project, students receive a link by email to start using their TRACK account. Our PhD representatives have made a short introduction video on how your first steps in TRACK will look like.

Short introduction video

TRACK is largely self-explanatory. Still, if you have any issues that come up while using it, you may contact the PhD-coordinator Marjan Drukker.

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