METRO researchers are all in one way or another involved in teaching. Courses vary from environmental law and Law & Economics to competition law. Courses are taught at Maastricht University, but many visiting professorships (in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America) have also been established. Student fellows are selected to help them develop their organizational and research skills. 


Student fellows

The METRO Student Fellowship offers motivated students the opportunity to acquire work experience at the highest level within the areas of environmental law, torts & insurance, and law & economics and provides them with a chance to further their organizational and research skills.

Student Fellows help with the organization, preparation and coordination of a wide range of METRO related activities, such as (lunch) seminars and conferences, editing tasks, research source finding and METRO's annual report. Student fellows will also be included in all the research and social activities of the METRO institute.

Selected students receive a honorary statute and on average work for a year on a part-time basis (the hours are fixed in mutual agreement and timetables are flexible).

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