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Classical music institutions are faced with challenges. The quality of the performed repertoire tends to be high, but concert attendance is stagnating, audiences are aging, the musical landscape is increasingly hybrid and government subsidies are decreasing. Because of this, the need for innovating the practices of classical music culture has been generally acknowledged. Maastricht University (UM), philharmonie zuidnederland and Zuyd University for Applied Sciences (Zuyd) aspire to support this innovation through the establishment of the Maastricht Centre for the Innovation of Classical Music (MCICM). The centre aims to study the dynamics behind changing classical music practices and their societal contexts and to actively shape classical music futures. To do so, the MCICM combines academic research on innovation of performance practices with artistic research to renew classical music practices and music education in artistically relevant ways.


During the 2018-2022 funding cycle, the centre focused on three research lines: orchestrating social relevance, modernizing cultural participation, and adapting sound heritage. Some of the projects include:

During the 2022-2026 funding cycle, the centre is focusing on three research lines: digital technologies in classical music, the regional orchestra and innovating higher music education. Some of the projects include:

  • Digitality in classical music practices in collaboration with students from Conservatorium Maastricht and musicians from philzuid.
  • The fourth version of The People’s Salon based on the Artful Participation experiment with the same name.
  • Close work with Conservatorium Maastricht while it reworks its curriculum making it more open and innovative for the future musician.

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Research lines 2018-2022:


Research lines 2022-2026:

  • Digital technologies in classical music 
  • The Regional Orchestra 
  • Innovating higher music education






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