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Innovation in classical music is happening everywhere, driven by musicians, conservatory and orchestras around the globe. MCICM organises a variety of events to stimulate a supportive and fruitful dialogue among the different players in order to better understand the challenges of orchestral innovation.

Below you will find an overview of some of our past events as well as upcoming events. Some of the events, such as the Corona Conversations and the symposium ‘Creating Classical Music Futures’ include videos of the online events.




Upcoming Events

Past Events

Orchestras in a Changing Climate

During the most difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic, cultural institutions were forced to fundamentally rethink the ways in which they worked. Issues such as reaching audiences, using new technologies, and managing risks to staff and the public became everyday cultural work. While we are all glad to be back on the stage, at the museum, and in schools, we should not revert to ‘business as usual’ and forget these learned lessons. The fast and decisive changes brought about by the pandemic can be seen as a blueprint for the action required in the face of climate emergency.
During this seminar, which was held on 11 November 2021, we discussed the ways in which the classical music sector can react to the challenge of climate change both artistically and organizationally. We also discussed the realistic impact the sector can have as well as what other cultural institutions are already doing.

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Orchestras in a Changing Climate

Artful Participation Dissemination

On 20 October 2021, MCICM held a dissemination event where researchers from the Artful Participation project presented some of their research. During this event, the Artful Participation website was launched. The website showcases the findings of the 4-year project.

In the Artful Participation project, funded by the NWO/SIA Smart Culture programme, research has been done into artistically relevant forms of audience participation in symphonic music. Academic research into innovative approaches to audience participation was combined with artistic research in the form of concert experiments. Maastricht University and Zuyd University of Applied Sciences (research centre AOK and Conservatorium Maastricht) collaborated with philharmonie zuidnederland in the project.


MCICM Artful Participation

Video of the presentation
(in Dutch)