MCICM Symposium 2021

Towards 2040: Creating Classical Music Futures, 21 & 22 April 2021

The Maastricht Centre for the Innovation of Classical Music arose from the need to reflect on and actively shape the future of classical music. This conference sought to engage with the different ways that practitioners are constructing this future, while considering critically the process of ‘futuring’ itself. The aim was not to simply imagine a distant future over which we have no control but to show how imagining the future of classical music informs our work today.

The MCICM symposium offered diverse presentations and casual networking moments to engage in meaningful discussions. Below are some of the sessions from the two-day digital symposium that took place on 21 and 22 April 2021. We would like to thank the speakers, moderators, and participants for coming together in this digital space.

For more information about the event and the sessions, you can see the program here.