Division of Nanoscopy Research

M4I Division of Nanoscopy is a high-end research environment with a unique knowledge infrastructure. Its goals are aligned with 'Kennis-As Limburg' (Knowledge Axis, Province of Limburg), a strategic programme designed for the sustainable economic development of Limburg. M4I Division of Nanoscopy contributes to innovative patient care, the education of knowledge workers for the job market and collaborative research and knowledge transfer with regional partners from business and government.

Anatomy of Division of Nanoscopy Research

The M4I Division of Nanoscopy develops methods to capture the cell in close to native state and image whole cells and tissue slices down to 1 nanometer resolution. y visualizing nanomachines in a close-to-physiological, cellular context, maps of individual macromolecular complexes can be created. These developments will lead to scientific breakthroughs in the field of tuberculosis and cancer.

The group's main biological research question concentrates on mycobacterium tuberculosis and its interaction with the host phagosomal membrane. The eight project sections on this website provide professionals with more details about our work.


Nanoscopy centres around the following research: