M-BIC Graduate School

Up-to-date information on the M-BIC Graduate School course programme can be found in  this document. Also read the   M-BIC privacy statement.

In September 2017 the M-BIC graduate school entered a new phase. We have designed a 2-year course cycle which, when followed, will become the basis of a M-BIC PhD diploma. All new PhD students who join FPN-CN, and PhD students who at the start of the academic year 2017-2018 are in their first and second year, will automatically be enrolled into the M-BIC Graduate School.

The goal of the programme is to offer PhD students the opportunity to follow high-level courses on the different research areas and activities at the M-BIC. A primary motivation is to offer education that will help new PhD student to quickly get up to speed within their own field of research and facilitate their work, but also to stimulate interest in and provide a solid foundation in related research areas. Next to following formal lecture courses and workshops, the participation in the Graduate School involves active engagement in center-wide M-BIC activities such as the M-BIC Lectures and Project Proposal Meetings. The course offering comprises of currently 10 courses that will be run in a two-year rotation.   

Participation in courses and a number of other activities will count for a given number of credit points, and the idea is that at the end of the PhD, the student reaches a specific target number (details see p4 in the MBIC Course Brochure, available under the link above. PhD students who fulfill this requirement will, at the end of their PhD, receive an M-BIC Graduate School Certificate that is reflective of the multidisciplinary of the Maastricht Brain Imaging Center, its research and high level of teaching.

Students currently in their third and fourth year are in principle not eligible for the M-BIC, although the feasibility of still getting the M-BIC diploma can be discussed on an individual basis. In any case, PhD students in their third year and beyond are highly encouraged to follow any of the courses. Similarly, PhD students from other faculties and departments at UM are also invited to join any offerings of the M-BIC Graduate School programme. For those not enrolled in the full programme, attendance certificates of single courses can be issued on request.

At present, the courses are also open free of charge for PhD students outside UM. Non-UM students are not eligible for the M-BIC diploma, but can upon request get a certificate for individual courses followed. In case there would be too many registrations for a course, M-BIC students will be prioritised.

To register for a course or for more information, please email Astrid van den Bosch (fpn-mbic-school[at]maastrichtuniversity[dot]nl).