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Maastricht Brain Imaging Centre

The Maastricht Brain Imaging Centre (M-BIC) is a research center founded by the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience of Maastricht University. It offers research facilities that were newly established within the Brains Unlimited project, including high (3 Tesla) and ultra-high (7 and 9.4 Tesla) magnetic fields MR scanners. The research core of M-BIC is formed by the Cognitive Neuroscience field, one of the four departments through which the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience conducts its research.

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The research is divided in ten research units, that focus on (and are led by):

  • Auditory Perception and Cognition (Lars Riecke)
  • Brain and Emotion (Beatrice de Gelder)
  • Computational architecture of visual processing streams (Rainer Goebel)
  • Brain and Language (Milene Bonte)
  • Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience (Lisa Jonkman)
  • Brain Stimulation and Cognition (Alexander Sack)  this link will navigate away from the M-BIC webpage 
  • MR Methods for Neuroscience (Ben Poser)
  • Perception, Attention and Learning (Peter de Weerd)
  • Methods
  • Multiscale Imaging of Brain Connectivity (Alard Roebroeck)

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M-BIC staff members contribute to teaching in the bachelor's programme in Psychology, as well as the one-year master’s programme in Psychology. They also contribute to the two-year Research Master Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience, which is run by FPN, FHML, and SBE. 

M-BIC staff teaching in the M-BIC Graduate School

M-BIC staff members also do all the teaching in the M-BIC graduate school. The M-BIC graduate school is set up primarily to teach M-BIC PhD students skills and in-depth background that will facilitate and enrich their research. For M-BIC PhD students, following (part of) these courses is from now on a requirement on the way to the Maastricht University PhD diploma. However, the courses are also open to other PhD students, both from within our own university and from other universities. For more information on offered courses and contact persons, please click here.

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Maastricht Brain Imaging Centre

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