M-BIC Graduate School

Up-to-date information on the M-BIC Graduate School course programme can be found on the intranet for FPN students. For external students interested in more detailed information please consult   this document or contact fpn-mbic-school[at]maastrichtuniversity[dot]nl. Also read the M-BIC privacy statement.

More information for FPN/CN PhD students

FPN PhD students can find more information in the intranet page of the Graduate School. Apart from a description of the courses, you can find there a description of the mentoring programme as well as the procedures followed for progress reports and other relevant information.

More information for external students

External (non FPN) PhD students can request to access courses.

For external PhD students and UM PhD students (non FPN PhD students) we ask an administration fee:

  • 50 euro for 1day course
  • 75 euro for 2day course (or longer)

For more information on the courses offered please consult   this document or contact the graduate school directly, please email Eva van Dort.