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Institute for Corporate Law, Governance and Innovation Policies

The Institute for Corporate Law, Governance, and Innovation Policies (ICGI) is a research institute connected to the Faculty of Law at Maastricht University. ICGI carries out scientific research on its own initiative and on commission by third parties and publishes, consults, and provides PhD research supervision and coaching, education, and training. The object of research is the corporation and its rules and regulations in interaction with its changing environment.


In its research, ICGI focuses primarily on the impact that far-reaching social changes have on corporations, corporate law, and governance including corporate social responsibility. This impact concerns the form, nature, structure, mission, strategy, policy, technological and organisational innovation, and the overall performance of companies: their success and (dis)continuity are thus also part of it. The impact in the opposite direction is also analysed through constructive assessment enabling the development of changes in corporate law and governance in aid of desired social developments.



ICGI seeks to offer the highest standard of professional legal education. We aim to be distinctive in our commitment to both legal research and the importance of teaching. Hence, we provide our students with academic, extracurricular and other resources that will permit them to attain the highest possible level of achievement in legal education. We also prepare them for positions of leadership and service across many areas of legal practice, business, government and community work.

ICGI news

  • Steef M. Bartman

    Appointment of Steef M. Bartman as Professor of Corporate Group Liability

    Tuesday, March 26, 2019

    As of 1 April 2019, Steef M. Bartman will be appointed Professor of Corporate Group Liability within the faculty. The chair is part of the Private Law department.

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  • Rogier Wolf Magna Charta Publieksprijs

    Article Rogier Wolf (& Léon Hoeksema and Peter Hofman) nominated for the Magna Charta Publieksprijs

    Wednesday, February 20, 2019

    The Article 'Certificering en blockchaintechnologie voor familiebedrijven' from  Rogier Wolf (& Léon Hoeksema and Peter Hofman) is nominated for the Magna Charta Publieksprijs in the categories company law and insolvency law.

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  • Article Samantha Renssen nominated

    Article Samantha Renssen nominated for the Magna Charta Publieksprijs

    Tuesday, February 5, 2019

    The article "De faillissementswet in een nieuw jasje" from Samantha Renssen, research fellow bij ICGI, is nominated for the "Magna Charta Publieksprijs" in the category company law and insolvency law!

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Institute for Corporate Law, Governance and Innovation Policies