ICGI Partnerships

ICGI currently has partnerships with associate law firms as well as academic partnerships.

Associate's Programme law firms

DVDW Advocaten - a mid-sized law firm (35 lawyers) with offices in The Hague and Rotterdam
Thuis & Partners Advocaten - the largest law firm of Parkstad Limburg and one of the larger law firms of the province of Limburg in the south of the Netherlands


Academic Partnerships

ICGI is proud to be associated with the following partner institutions:

Ius Commune Research School
ICGI`s research is embedded in the Ius Commune Research School, section “Legal Persons in Europe”. The Ius Commune Research School, which was established in 1995, is a research consortium between the Faculties of Law of the Universities of Leuven (Belgium), Utrecht, Amsterdam and Maastricht. The Research School investigates legal issues of international and European integration and transnational juridical problems.

European Center for Sustainable Finance (ECCE)
ECCE is the hub for research and education on sustainable investing, corporate governance, sustainable banking, and sustainable real estate embedded in the School of Business and Economics of Maastricht University. ICGI and ECCE collaborate through the Elverding Chair on Sustainable Business, Culture and Corporate Regulation. We jointly strive to build a research group of interdisciplinary researchers in this area of expertise.

Centre for European Company Law (CECL)
ICGI partners with CECL. The Centre for European Company Law is a think tank focusing on the research and teaching of business law in the European Union and beyond. CECL was founded in 2004 and initially functioned as an academic partnership between the universities of Leiden, Utrecht and Maastricht in the Netherlands. Nowadays it is a EU-wide think thank with a total of six official partner institutions covering in total four different Member-States (the Netherlands, Sweden, Italy and Poland).