Our mission is to contribute to knowledge development and innovation in order to improve health, health care, and society in different contexts (e.g. clinical, workforce, lifestyle) through epidemiological research and education. We aim to educate students and future (health) professionals in the field of epidemiology and epidemiological methods in order to allow them to acquire knowledge and skills to apply in their professional environment.  Our teaching in epidemiology highlights the relevance of context (a.o. health care, work, lifestyle, public health and clinical practice) for our discipline.  

With our teaching, we primarily aim to target bachelor, master and PhD students within the faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences and the University Colleges of Maastricht University. We aim to teach state-of-the-art epidemiological methods and applications. Our teaching targets furthermore professionals, from junior researchers to experienced epidemiologists, scientists and (health) professionals and has a focus on epidemiology and epidemiological research methods. The application of these epidemiologic and methodological methods and tools enable graduates to actively participate in research in the domain of public health and clinical science.

Master programmes

The master in Epidemiology is accredited by the NVAO and VvE (Dutch: Vereniging voor Epidemiologie) to obtain a registration in Epidemiology-A. A registration as Epidemiologist-B can be obtained after succesful rounding off a PhD. Both Luc Smits and Leo Schouten are instructors.

Bachelor programmes

We are involved in the following bachelor programmes: