AMIBM combines high-level scientific research with high-level education of young researchers. Due to this increasing involvement of AMIBM scientists in current and new educational programmes, students benefit from an enriched educational portfolio.

AMIBM's teaching takes place in the bachelor's programmes: Maastricht Science Programme, Circular Engineering, Business Engineering, Biomedical Sciences and Regenerative Medicine and Technology. In the master's programmes: Biobased Materials, Biomedical Sciences, Imaging Engineering  and Healt Food Innovation Management. And for the PhD training: Biobased Value Circle - Industrial Doctorate Programme and FSE STEM Graduate school.

We teach in the following programmes:

Biobased Materials Lab
Matthew Elford - Biobased Materials alumni

In biobased research, several solutions are often possible and multiple disciplines are needed. This is why the multidisciplinary character of this master’s programme is very appealing to me. The programme has a more holistic vision, which is important in this field.

In addition to the academic challenges of the programme, the research topics in Biobased Materials open up exciting business possibilities that ultimately lead to a more sustainable society. Also, the career prospects are good, which is important for me.