STOP! Sexual Violence

Sexual violence is unfortunately a reality among students in the Netherlands, as highlighted by the I&O Research report published this week. UM has done a similar study and the results will be published in fall.

Maastricht University has taken steps to prevent sexual violence. Flip-the-Script (EAAA) is an evidence-based sexual violence reduction training which was piloted at UM before the pandemic. In this training, female students learnt to debunk rape myths, how to spot potentially dangerous situations, how to de-escalate dangerous situations, and how to defend themselves if necessary. The pilot study was evaluated very favorably by all participants and next steps are being taken to finding a permanent home for the training at UM. UM students will be updated on the availability of the training via UM communication channels.


If you, or anybody you know, has experienced street harassment or sexual violence and would like confidential support, we urge you to reach out to the following organisations and resources:


A student support group that focuses on sexual assault and aftercare for your wellbeing: FacebookInstagramE-mail

WeCare can go through all your options, help you set up appointments with UM’s psychologist and/or confidential advisor, and assist you in taking legal action if that is what you wish.

If you prefer to go at this yourself, the following are helpful resources at your disposal:

Legal Support:

Psychological and Emotional Support