Psychological support

We all experience times when we feel like we cannot cope with everyday life. Sometimes this can start to affect our everyday lives and prevent us from doing the things we want to do. Recognisable? The UM Psychologists can help. 

UM Psychologists can help you

UM psychologists are committed to provide help for students regarding your wellbeing and personal development. You can find more information about our offer in our Canvas course.

We are here to help you increase your wellbeing. However, there are limitations to what we can do for you. The main goal is to get you the most adequate help as quickly as possible. Here you can find an overview of what we can do for you and what we can refer you to other professionals for:

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Visit our Canvas course

Not sure what kind of help suits you best?
Go to How to find the right support. 


Quick Psychological Referral (QPR): several times a week you can contact the UM Psychologists for a short meeting to ask your most relevant questions on wellbeing.

Assessment and diagnosis: see your GP for further information and direction to the right therapist or mental help center. To learn more about the GP in the Netherlands, watch this video.

UM Wellbeing Movement (WBM): the WBM offers you the tools towards a healthy and happy student life. We offer information and trainings regarding wellbeing in many forms, such as relaxation, sports, study skills and other helpful resources. Online, the Student Wellbeing Overview offers resources and inspiration regarding your wellbeing, as well as initiatives and plans regarding student wellbeing within UM and more information regarding mental support at UM and in Maastricht.

Long-term care: if you feel your problem is very complex and profound and you think you would benefit from frequent care over a longer period of time, talk to your GP directly. He/she can refer you to the right care.

Group offer: you can participate in a lecture, workshop or training with others. Find out how it works in this video.

Psychiatric care or medication prescription/follow-up: the UM psychologists are not in the possibility to prescribe or follow-up any medication use. If you are a psychiatric patient in need of medication or therapeutic support, talk to your GP. He/she can refer you to the right care.

Individual appointments: please sign up for a QPR if you would like an individual appointment. A UM Psychologist will refer you to the right care within or outside UM during the QPR. 

Emergency or crisis interventions: if you feel the situation is an emergency and you need help as soon as possible, contact your GP or Maastricht UMC+ GP Medical Post (huisartsenpost HAP) in the first instance. If the situation is life threatening, please call 112.
Walk-in Student Guidance: do you have a question about your wellbeing or about your professional development? Drop by during the office hours of our student team.  

Emergency or crisis?  
Contact your GP

Outside office hours call the Maastricht UMC+ GP Medical Post (huisartsenpost HAP)
 +31 43 7500 123

For life threatening situations, dial 112.
If you are having suicidal thoughts, dial 0800-0113 or go to