Where would you go, if someone asked you to match your work with a spot in the city of Maastricht?

Math/Maastricht documents the answers of some of Maastricht University’s math-minded researchers of the Department of Advanced Computing Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering) and the Department of Quantitative Economics (QE, School of Business and Economics).

The resulting twelve stories form an alternative guide to the city, providing an inspiring view of Maastricht and a taste of the range of mathematics-based research at Maastricht University.


  • The Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE) is home to several outstanding departments and institutions covering education and research in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) as well as the liberal arts and sciences.

  • The School of Business and Economics (SBE) provides its students with high-quality education and conducts top-level research in the broad variety of scientific domains going far beyond just economics and international business.

  • Imagination provides direction to both artists and scientists. Whether aesthetically, conceptually, artistically or scientifically, breaking new ground requires us to explore worlds previously unheard of. Through the power of imagination and the quest for all things new and exciting, these two seemingly different disciplines are complementary.

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