• The value of data

    In May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect. Applicable to the entire EU, its aim is to protect the individual rights of citizens while guaranteeing free and secure movement of personal data within the EU.
  • InSciTe experiences growth spurt

    Based at the Brightlands Chemelot campus, InSciTe (Institute for Science and Technology) supports scientists and starting businesses to translate medical innovations to practical applications, among other things.
  • The hybrid researcher

    Research that transcends individual disciplines is highly regarded in academia, yet known to be incredibly challenging. Matthijs Cluitmans demonstrates that it is not only possible, but also of great added value.
  • Looted art in a moral twilight zone

    When it comes to the restitution of looted art, things are never black and white. The procedures are often lengthy and complex, and the dividing line between law and morals is paper-thin.
  • Making Global Citizens in Maastricht

    UM has hosted the first Global Citizenship Education Symposium on 1 March 2018, with more than a hundred students, lecturers and community stakeholders in attendance.
  • Will bitcoin transform our world?

    The Netherlands’ annual Week van Het Geld (Week of Money) is inspired by the very worthy (and very Dutch) conviction that it’s never too soon to
  • New Master in Emerging Markets strengthens UM’s expertise

    Emerging Markets is the latest specialisation in the bachelor’s programmes in International Business and Economics & Business Economics at Maastricht University. New as it may be, it is already popular.
  • Sick toys treated by bear doctors

    The Maastricht MUMC+ hospital was faced with a peak in the number of patients at the end of March. More than 1100 young visitors came for a consultation, all with similar complaints: their stuffed toy had to be urgently diagnosed and treated.
  • Maxime got an offer from Medtronic

    How do you prepare for life after university, or ‘working life’? Among other things, by participating in workshops at companies in the region through UM’s Master Yourself programme.
  • Cooking for the homeless

    Two large pans of sauce simmer on the stove in the small kitchen of the Salvation Army. UM students Carlotta, Emma, Julia and Alice drain spaghetti, add some cream to the meat and take the grated cheese from the refrigerator.
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