• Why you should come to the INKOM!

    From 21 to 25 August, nearly 3000 first-year students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in their new lives during the INKOM, the introduction week for new students Maastricht University and Zuyd University of Applied
  • Law students employed as neighbourhood mediators

    Councillor Jack Gerats awarded the first certificates to 18 new youth neighbourhood mediators.
  • Students demystify computers for seniors

    FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook: for many older people, it’s like a secret language.
  • Asylum procedure: the art of asking questions

    To get a residence permit in the Netherlands, or elsewhere in Europe, asylum seekers need to tell a credible story about their identity, their country of origin and the reason they fled.
  • What can you do with basic research?

    Valorisation, also known as knowledge utilisation, is becoming ever more important. What many researchers don’t yet realise is that it is also lucrative.
  • The musical, athletic psychologist

    One thing is clear after our in-depth interview: if it wasn’t academia, she could easily have had a successful career in music or sport. Fun and substance are the two words she uses most – the guiding principles behind all her choices.
  • Missionary of the open-access message

    She is blunt when it comes to her colleagues’ awareness of the issue of open access: what awareness? According to Lisa Brüggen, professor of Financial Services at the School of Business and Economics (SBE), there is much work to do.
  • May the best (wo)man win

    Should the people who run the fastest at work be the ones to get promoted first? Or should it be those with the most potential?
  • Thinking from a ‘world union’ perspective

    “I’m from Italy and did my bachelor’s in Psychology at another Dutch university, Leiden. After high school I wasn’t sure what to study, so I went to London for two and a half years to improve my English.
  • “I found a home away from home”

    “I was born in South Africa, my mum is from Taiwan and I grew up in Cyprus. With this background, plus the many international internships I did during high school, it was quite natural for me to choose a study programme abroad.”
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