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Admission requirements in light of the COVID-19 pandemic

Last updated: 7 August

Enrolment without completing prior education

Is it not possible to send us a copy of your bachelor diploma because you will not complete your bachelor before 31 August 2020? In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Maastricht University will be lenient towards (pre-)master applicants who have been conditionally admitted to a UM master’s programme and who are unable to send us a certified hard copy of their bachelor diploma before the end of August 2020 because they have not been able to complete their bachelor programme yet. This means that you can be enrolled for your master even if you haven’t completed your bachelor programme. Please keep in mind that there are criteria in place (see below).


In addition to the UM general rules, the School of Business and Economics (SBE) has specified the adjusted diploma requirements for the master’s programmes taught at SBE below:

  • When applying to an SBE master’s programme, you are permitted to still be missing a maximum of 12 curricular ECTS from the last two years of your bachelor’s programme.
  • The adjusted diploma requirements apply to all prospective master’s students, including students with a bachelor's degree from UM and for those with degrees from other universities or universities of applied sciences.
  • For students from a UM pre-master's or transition programme, the UM master's programme will assess whether the student can start on the basis of the prior knowledge that has already been gained.

Please note:

  • The combination of following a master’s degree while writing a bachelor’s thesis is very demanding. If you still need to write your bachelor’s thesis, we advise starting your master’s programme in February 2021 (if possible) and finishing your bachelor’s degree first. Furthermore, you are not allowed to start your master’s thesis before you have finished your bachelor’s thesis.
  • Besides the change to the ECTS requirement, all other admission requirements remain in force. ​Please look at the Admission Requirements of the master’s programme page of your choice.

File your request

If you want to request being enrolled using ‘Enrolment without completing prior education’ (zachte knip-regulation), you need to file an application. You can find more information on our webpage. Deadline for filing such request is 1 September 2020. please note that credits obtained up until 31 August 2020 will be taken into account when enrolling without having completed your prior education (‘zachte knip- regulation’).

Please be aware:

  • Subsequently to filing a request for ‘Enrolment without completing prior education’ (zachte knip-regulation) you will be asked to formulate a study plan. A study advisor will assess your study plan and contact you if needed, as you should not underestimate the study load of combining a master’s programme with additional study activities;
  • There might be an overlap if you still have to follow bachelor’s courses or exams in combination with your master’s courses and exams. The Scheduling Office cannot keep your bachelor’s education in mind when scheduling master’s classes;
  • This regulation is valid for the academic year 2020/2021 and will expire if you have not obtained your bachelor’s or premaster’s degree by 31 August 2021;
  • Credits awarded for 2020/2021 master courses will only be marked as master’s courses after you have obtained your bachelor’s or premaster’s degree;
  • It is thus of utmost importance to make sure you still obtain your bachelor’s or premaster’s degree which made you qualify for the master’s programme during academic year 2020/2021.

In case you have more questions about these adjusted diploma requirements, please contact the Student Services Centre (SSC) at


  • I am an SBE pre-master student and I want to start the following SBE master in September. How does the admissions process work?
    You need to submit an application via Studielink, you do not need to upload additional documents. You will be conditionally admitted to the master’s programme of your choice.  At the beginning of August, after the last resits period, the Admissions Office will be checking everyone’s study progress. If you have finished your pre-master’s programme successfully, you can of course start your master’s programme. If you do not meet the adjusted diploma requirements (read the first FAQ on this page carefully), your application will be rejected. More information is communicated to you by the SBE Admissions Office.
  • I am required to do a GMAT/GRE test, but due to the corona measures, I am not able to do an exam for one of these tests. Will SBE make other arrangements for me?
    For the upcoming period you can submit the Proof Of Academic Capabilities instead of the GMAT-/GRE-test result (find relevant information on our website). We will then present your file to the Board of Admissions if it is otherwise complete. Please note that, once the GMAT/GRE-option is available again and it is realistic that you can do the test by the deadline at the latest, the option to submit the Proof of Academic Capabilities will no longer be available.
  • I submitted an application for a master’s programme at Maastricht University School of Business and Economics. Will this application still be processed?
    Yes, the SBE Admissions Officers is working hard to process applications. There may be some delays because assessors may be less available or that less employees are available, but we will do our best to limit those issues as much as possible. At the moment we are not available via telephone, but you can send us an email to one of addresses indicated below and we will answer your questions as soon as possible via 
  • How do I defer my application to February 2021 or September 2021?
    If you are sure that you want to withdraw the application, you have to do this as soon as possible via Studielink (, so that we know you will not be coming in September. To apply again for February 2021 or September 2021, you need to submit a new application via Studielink after 1 July (for February) or after 1 October (for September). We will then see that you were already admitted for September 2020 and we will be able to process your admission right away.

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Admission general

  • How can I apply for a programme at SBE?
    You can register for a study programme via Studielink. In Studielink, you will have to indicate which programme you would like to register for. 

    If you are registered in a Dutch municipality, you can only register using your DigiD. If you do not yet have a DigiD, you will need to request one. If you do not (yet) live in the Netherlands, you still register via Studielink, but you will not be able to use DigiD. Instead, you create a Studielink account yourself and UM will check your personal details.
  • What are the master's application deadlines?
    Applications for September 2020:
    - 1 May 2020 (for students from non-EU/EEA countries)
    - 1 June 2020 (for students from EU/EEA countries)

     Applications for February 2021 (possible as of 1 July):
     - 1 November 2020  (for students from non-EU/EEA countries)
     - 15 December 2020 (for students from EU/EEA countries)

  • How does the application process work?
    Everyone with a bachelor’s degree (also from a university of applied sciences) can apply for the master’s programmes. Provided that you submit a complete file with all the minimum required scores, your file will be assessed by the Board of Admissions. The Board of Admissions evaluates the quality of your application by looking at your GMAT score, IELTS/TOEFL score (if applicable), Grade Point Average, the level of statistics and mathematics and at how well your bachelor’s programme corresponds with the MSc programme. Besides this, they look at your motivation, relevant work experience, international experience and extra-curricular activities. Based on this information the Board of Admissions will decide whether you can be admitted to the programme or not.

    Please find the specific requirements on our website, under the section 'Admission requirements'.
  • I submitted my application before the application deadline. When can I expect to receive a decision from the Board of Admission?
    Assessment of your file happens on a rolling basis. This means that, once you submit a complete file with all the minimum required scores, it will be presented to the Board of Admission. We will not wait until the deadline before we present your file to the Board. You will receive a decision within 2-4 weeks after completion of your file.
  • Do you offer pre-master programmes?
    Yes, we offer a number of pre-master's programmes aimed at our master's programmes International Business, Learning and Development in Organisations and Global Supply Chain Management and Change. Please find the relevant information via this webpage.

    For the other master's programmes, we do not offer a pre-master's programme yet.
  • I would like to withdraw my application. What should I do?
    If you are sure you will not further pursue your application, we kindly advise you to withdraw your application via Studielink.
  • Can I defer my place?
    Deferments are possible for the same master’s programme. If you are admissible to a master’s programme, your admission for that programme will remain valid for one year. If you want to apply for the next starting moment, you will again need to submit an application via Studielink and MyUM. We will be able to process the decision then, you do not need to upload the documents again.
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Required documents

  • Which documents do I need to submit?
    Please check per master’s programme the admission requirements. You can find the programmes on this page
  • Do I need to take a language proficiency test?
    Please check this page for more information regarding language proficiency test and whether you need to take one.
  • Which documents need to be translated and who is allowed to do this?
    Official documents, such as a diploma and transcript, need to be translated by a sworn translator if the original document is not in English, Dutch, German or French.
    All other documents, such as a cv, motivation letter, and description of your statistic courses need to be in English. If you are asked to upload your thesis and/or project reports, please write a short summary in English and include the original document.
  • What is a certified copy of my diploma and when do I need to submit it?
    A certified copy is copy made by a qualified person or entity (university, high school, lawyer, notary, city hall, etc.). They will stamp the copy to indicate that it is a true copy of the original. A copy without stamp and signature is not a certified copy and will not be processed by the Admission and Registration Office. Nor is a copy of a certified copy valid.

    Students who are admitted to an MSc programme at the School of Business and Economics (SBE) need to send a certified hard copy of their diploma via regular mail, before the start of the programme (1 February/1 September).

    The address:
    Maastricht University
    Student Services Centre

    Admission and Registration Office
    PO Box 616
    6200 MD Maastricht
    The Netherlands
  • I will receive my bachelor’s diploma after the start of the master’s programme at UM, so I cannot send a certified hardcopy of my diploma. What should I do?
    If you cannot submit your actual degree certificate yet, a graduation statement issued by your university will also be sufficient, as long as we receive it by 31 January/August at the very latest. Without proof of graduation from the bachelor’s programme, you will not be allowed to start the master’s programme. Please note that the graduation date has to be 31 January/31 August at the latest. If it is a date after the formal start of the programme (1 February/1 September), you will have to postpone your master’s programme to the next starting moment.
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Uploading documents

  • Where do I have to upload my documents?
    Please upload your documents via My UM. When uploading documents via My UM, make sure to only upload documents as a pdf file or word document. Please do no upload the documents as a zip file. We will not be able to open them.
  • The status in My UM is 'pending'. What should I do?
    This means that we will process your application in the upcoming days. Once we processed your application, you will be informed via e-mail of the exact status and documents that may be missing.
  • The status in My UM is 'conditionally approved'. What should I do?
    The status 'conditionally approved' means that you can start the master’s programme if you meet the requirements for registration: certified hard copy of your bachelor’s degree, payment tuition fee, visa, etc. Read more on completing your application on this page.
  • Can I delete or replace documents that I have uploaded to MyUM?
    Unfortunately, you cannot delete documents that you have uploaded. If you wish to replace a document, please upload the new document, using the correct upload category. We will take the most recent version of the document into account and disregard the other one.
  • Can I submit my documents by post?
    Documents received by post will not be processed. All supporting documents should be uploaded to your application through My UM.
  • I lost my log on details. Who can I contact?
    If you experience problems login in the MyUM portal, please contact our ICTS service desk:
    Telephone number: +31 (0)43 388 55 55
    Mail address:
    You can contact them from Monday to Friday between 08.00 -17.00 hours.
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  • What is the GMAT/GRE test?
    The GMAT and GRE tests are computer adaptive tests, which assesses a person’s quantitative, analytical and writing skills in standard written English in preparation for being admitted into a graduate programme. You may decide which of the two tests you take. If you take the GRE test, please recalculate your score to GMAT scores via the conversion tool.
    Please note: plan to take your exam well before the application deadline. It can take some time before we receive the official results.
  • I have uploaded the score report with sufficient test results from my GMAT test, but it is not approved by the admissions office. What is wrong with it?
    We do not accept score reports that you send to us yourself. Every applicant must request the test centre to send an official score report directly to Maastricht University, School of Business and Economics (GMAT: go to and use code 2WH-4N-65, GRE: go to and use code 7102).
  • Can I get a GMAT exemption?*
    An exemption for the GMAT test is only possible for students with a specific Dutch or Flemish bachelor’s degree (NVAO accredited) or students with a bachelor’s degree from an AACSB or EQUIS accredited educational institute. Please check this overview of AACSB and EQUIS accredited educational institutes. Is your university not mentioned on this list? In that case, a GMAT test is a strict requirement for which no exemptions are possible. In case your educational institute is mentioned on this list, you can fill out the form Proof of Academic Capabilities. This is an alternative for the GMAT/GRE test. 
    *Please note! Due to the corona measures, you can submit the Proof Of Academic Capabilities instead of the GMAT-/GRE-test result (find relevant information on our website) for the upcoming period. We will then present your file to the Board of Admissions if it is otherwise complete. Please note that, once the GMAT/GRE-option is available again and it is realistic that you can do the test by the deadline at the latest, the option to submit the Proof of Academic Capabilities will no longer be available.
  • What documents should I upload in the Proof Academic Capabilities?
    The Proof of Academic Capabilities consists of analytical, quantitative and verbal skills. You have to provide evidence for each of these three skills. Examples of proof are: list of grades, project reports, assignments, bachelor thesis, reports made during your professional career. Insert all your proof into the standard template 'Proof of Academic Capabilities' and insert all your proof into the file and upload it as one PDF-file to My UM.
    Please note that submitting proof of academic capabilities instead of a GMAT or GRE test is only optional for students with a Dutch bachelor’s degree and students with an AACSB or EQUIS accredited bachelor’s degree. Are you applying for the master's programme Econometrics and Operations Research? In that case all applicants have the option to submit proof of academic capabilities instead of GMAT or GRE test results
  • What is the minimum required score for the GMAT test?
    The minimum required GMAT score depends on the master’s programme you are applying for. Please find the specific requirements on our website, under the section 'Admission requirements'.
  • Do I have to participate in all sections from the GMAT test?
    The GMAT test consists of four parts: Analytical Writing Assessment, Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning and Integrated Reasoning. The Integrated Reasoning section on the GMAT is not compulsory (yet), but we advise you to submit a complete test result, including this section of the GMAT.
  • Is a GMAT necessary for students with one (or more) master’s degree?
    If you have one (or more) master’s degrees, a GMAT is (in most cases) necessary as well. However, if your master’s programme was taught at an AACSB, EQUIS or NVAO accredited education institute, a GMAT or GRE test is not necessary. You can upload the Proof of Academic Capabilities instead of a GMAT or GRE test.
  • Where can I register for the GMAT or GRE exam?
    The GMAT exam is an administered year-round and on demand at test centres around the world. If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment to take the exam, your first step is to register for an account at the GMAT website, For more information regarding the GRE test, please check:
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Cost and financial aid

  • What scholarships/financial aid do you offer?
    Please find more information concerning scholarship possibilities at our university, via this link. Beside a scholarship application, you will need to apply and get admitted for a Master’s programme. The application process for a Master’s programme is separate from the application process for a scholarship. More information about the application process for a Master’s programme is available on our website on this page. 
  • Do I have to pay the handling fee?
    Maastricht University SBE requires a handling fee for students from non-EEA countries. The handling fee is not applicable to:
    - Students with a nationality from one of the EEA countries
    - Students with a bachelor's degree from an EEA country
    - Students with a current refugee status within the EEA

    The handling fee is to cover certain administrative costs in relation to your application. Your application will not be taken into consideration without the required fee of €100 (excl. bank costs) which you have to pay when you apply. Of course you also need to pay your tuition fees when admitted to your programme.
    Please check this page for additional information regarding the handling fee.
  • What is the tuition fee for next academic year?
    Please check this page for the tuition fees and more information.
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  • Is it possible to combine two specialisations from the master’s programme International Business?
    It is possible to combine/follow to IB specialisations. Normally, students start with one master’s programme, then after 6 months submit an application via Studielink for the second specialisation and follow the courses/skills belonging to this programme. Regarding the master’s thesis, you can request to write a combined thesis at the Board of Examiners. Also, you might encounter problems with conflicting schedules/exams. It is your own responsibility to make sure everything goes as planned. 

FAQ SBE Admissions

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