• 1 Feb 19:30
    - 22:30
    Alumni meeting

    The Future of Science and Business

    UM Star Lecture in Düsseldorf

  •   34 Mar

    Rethinking Justice Hackaton

    Students, staff and alumni from Maastricht University, as well as friends from the industry, coming together in a 24-hour hackathon to celebrate free thinking and enthusiastic doing.

  • 6 Mar 10:00
    - 15:00

    Docker for Data Science

    Containers have emerged in the Cloud and made it possible to utilize hardware infrastructure in the most flexible and efficient way. Containers make it possible to run whole application stacks from a single configuration file. The Institute of Data Science is already making use of this container infrastructure and we would like to share our knowledge.

  • 15 Mar 14:00
    - 16:30

    Blockchain for science

    To understand main trends in blockchain development with regards to developing distributed applications, data flows in processing and research and data privacy issues.

  • 12 Apr 09:30
    - 16:00

    Machine Learning

    This comprehensive workshop will be your guide to learning how to use powerful machine learning algorithms.

  • 31 May 09:00
    - 17:30


    In this workshop, you will not only learn the fundamentals of crowdsourcing but also get your hands dirty by designing and executing a task on CrowdFlower and getting and analyzing the results from the workers. Also, you will learn about the successful applications of crowdsourcing in different domains.

  • 12 Jun 09:00
    - 16:00


    In this workshop, we will explore what formal ontologies are, what their building blocks are and how to build and maintain them using the prominent ontology development environment (ODE) – Protégé.

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