• 22 Nov 19:30
    - 23:59
    Alumni meeting

    Frankfurt: Alumni Scope Event

    An excellent opportunity to network with our talented students and reminisce about your study time in Maastricht

  •   2324 Nov 09:00
    - 17:00

    Ius Commune workshops: Trust in Trade

    We will organize two workshops the aim of which is to clarify the meaning of the concept of trust in a legal context, specifically linking it to trade-related questions.

  • 23 Nov 12:00
    PhD Defence

    PhD conferral Ms Gonny Willems, MSc.

    “Transition to literacy: the cognitive challenges underlying emergent reading in children at familial risk for dyslexia”

  • 23 Nov 13:30
    - 17:00

    Masterclass Governance: Governance & Cultuur

    Net als in andere sectoren worden aan de governance van de culturele sector steeds hogere eisen gesteld. Er moet voldaan worden aan de governancecode, bestuurders en toezichthouders moeten professionaliseren, incidentele missers zijn voor politiek en pers aanleiding om de hele sector als ‘slecht’ af te schilderen.

  • 23 Nov 14:00
    PhD Defence

    PhD conferral Mr drs. Rob Bogie

    “Clinical rational and in vivo assessment of novel radiopaque UHMWPE sublaminar wires in growth-guidance surgery for early onset scoliosis”

  • 23 Nov 16:00
    PhD Defence

    PhD conferral Mr Ali Safarnejad, MSc

    “Prioritizing the HIV response; a multi-criteria decision analysis”

  • 23 Nov 18:30
    - 20:00

    Jean Monnet Lecture by Alexander Stubb

    the Centre for European Research in Maastricht (CERiM) is honoured to welcome the European Investment Bank'(EIB) Vice-President, Dr. Alexander Stubb for their 2nd lecture in the Jean Monnet Lecture series.

  •   2426 Nov 09:00

    Hack4SmartServices Hackathon on the Brightlands Smart Services Campus

    The next Hack4SmartServices Hackathon is coming! This year’s event, under the theme ‘Mobility as a service’, will be held on the Brightlands Smart Services Campus on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 24–26 November 2017. Prior to the hackathon, an Inspirational Event will take place on the evening of Thursday 26 October. Students from all study programmes are cordially invited to participate.

  • 24 Nov 09:30
    - 17:00

    Cytoscape automation workshop by Dr. Alexander Pico

    Cytoscape is one of the most popular desktop applications for network analysis and visualization.

  • 24 Nov 10:00
    PhD Defence

    PhD conferral Ms Kristy M.C. Pickwell, MSc.

    “The spectrum of diabetic foot disease: etiological considerations and prediction of outcome”

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