UM’s website content strategy was formulated on the basis of extensive research and interviews with the website’s users, including staff, researchers, and (prospective) students over the course of 15 sessions during which over 200 people were interviewed. Central to these interviews were the actual questions users have and methods to provide concrete answers to these questions through web content. The term content includes everything you find on a website: photos, illustrations, info graphics, video, and text. Our website content contributes to UM’s goals, reinforces our online brand identity, ensures a customer-oriented focus, and enables proper channel management. Within our content strategy, the following user ‘tasks’ have been identified. Our website and media channels should be focused on providing the best possible support.

Whenever you’re writing a text, ask yourself: What should the user do with this information? Which task are you supporting with your text? How do you incorporate the goals of the university? What will make it typically ‘UM’?

User tasks:

  1. Selecting a programme of study
  2. Enrolling
  3. Studying
  4. Student life
  5. Societal orientation
  6. Getting an impression
  7. Collaborating
  8. Finding funding
  9. Orientation towards a career at UM

UM’s goals

UM’s goals determine which of these tasks are prioritised. What would UM like to achieve, how would UM like to be regarded? UM would like to:

  1. be an attractive organisation
  2. showcase its added value to society
  3. help get the right people in the right place: this applies to students, staff and employees
  4. obtain sufficient funding
  5. provide students and staff with support

When writing:

  • be short and concise
  • use clear and descriptive headings
  • make your text SEO (Search Engine Optimised)
  • use the right keywords

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