Studying with a disability

Are you a student at Maastricht University (UM) who has a physical, psychological and/or sensory disability, a chronic disease or another condition such as dyslexia, ADHD, autism or Crohn's disease? Then you can apply for (financial) support to make studying with your disability easier.

Disability Support

If you need help to make studying with your disability easier, you can contact Disability Support. This is not compulsory, but please note that nothing will happen if you do not contact us first. If you apply for a facility, Disability Support will assess your situation and look into the best solution for you. Alternatively, you can contact your study advisor at your faculty to discuss your specific situation and any possible help you may need from UM.

The disability or chronic disease is not listed on your diploma.

Would you like to receive more information? Do you have a specific question? Or do you have advice for other students with a disability? Disability Support is happy to help you.
Watch the video below.

 Study advisers
 Learn how you can apply for support
 ECIO: Dutch expertise centre for studying with disabilities  

In 2020, then UM Rector Magnificus Rianne Letschert signed the ‘Declaration of intent of Dutch institutions for higher education’ concerning the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Read more

Since signing the declaration three years ago, UM has been working on inclusive education in various ways. Pamela Habibovic, now UM Rector Magnificus, talked to students Carolina, John and Sjoerd and Disability Officer Sigrid Péters about what has improved in recent years and what still needs to be improved. Read more

UnliMited Network

UnliMited is a network for and by students and employees with visible and/or invisible disabilities or chronical conditions, under the umbrella of the Taskforce Obstacle-free studying and working at UM.

Would you like more information about or make an active contribution to the UnliMited network for and by students with a disability? Check out the UnliMited Network page.

ReadSpeaker TextAid

ReadSpeaker TextAid is an online tool that provides reading, writing, and studying literacy support.

TextAid uses text-to-speech software. With this tool you have both a written and spoken version of your uploaded documents. There is a read-along cursor so that TextAid can support you both auditory and visual. For more information, see:

If you want to request an account, please send an email with the subject 'Request TextAid and your student ID' to Disability Support. Do not forget to send your dyslexia statement or another medical statement if you have not done that yet. If you do not have a medical certificate, but still think you would benefit from TextAid during your studies, you can also send a message to Disability Support explaining why you need it.

Financial support (Profileringsfonds)

Have you incurred a study delay due to special personal circumstances, such as illness, family circumstances, pregnancy, a handicap or disability? Then you might be eligible for financial support from the UM 'Profileringsfonds' for students. One of the conditions is that you get Dutch study finance during the study delay.

  More information or watch the video

In some situations you can apply for extra financial support (check the factsheet, in Dutch).

Student housing - urgency

Students with a disability or chronic disease may be eligible for housing with urgency (not for students with dyslexia). If special modifications are needed it is important to indicate in time which modifications you need, for example that the room must be wheelchair accessible. If no special modifications are necessary, only the registration time will be adapted.

An urgent request based on a medical indication will only be granted when you first contact Disability Support and submit an official statement. Disability Support will eventually submit your request to the Advisor & Mediator of Maastrichthousing.

More information about renting accommodation through an urgent request

For students with autism (ASS) there is also the possibility for a student room in the city centre via Jados. Read more infornation (only in Dutch).

Share your experiences about studying with a disability at Patient as a Person

Having a disability impacts your (daily) life as a student. It can influence the studying itself, finding a job or living space, maintaining social contacts, etc. Your experiences with this are unique and very valuable. Patient as a Person Foundation (Dutch: Stichting Mens Achter de Patiënt) believes that more attention should be paid to the broad impact of illness.

They are therefore looking for young adult volunteers. The programme takes little time, including a telephone introduction and short instruction about 5 hours. You can participate more often, yet one-time participation is also fine. 

Do you want to know more? Take a look at this flyer  or send an email to

Labour market and internship

If you want to prepare yourself for entering the labour market or starting an internship, you can contact UM Career Services. They offer various workshop and lectures. You can also receive personal advice from the career adviser. In the Overview Career links on the Intranet you can find an overview of different websites containing information on the labour market and internships.

Workshops and lectures
Career advice
 Brochure: Students with disabilities: on the road to lasting employment!
ECIO FAQ internships and work

Online Career Library: Overview Career Links
Internships and disability
Working in the Netherlands