Your career

Your time at Maastricht University is an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on experience and develop the skills you’ll need to start a successful professional career. Make the most out of your studies, strengthen your employability and make yourself sought after by graduate recruiters.

A job that suits you

4 step model from your vices and needs to the needs of the labour market

Looking for jobs can be quite overwhelming. Where do you need to start? And how do you find a job that fits your qualities and needs? UM Career Services uses this 4-step model to give you a hand and guide you through the job-seeking process.

This video guides you through the different steps.

Our offer on Canvas

UM Career Services is committed to providing help to students to develop the knowledge, skills and personal attributes they will need to gain suitable employment. In our Canvas course 'Personal & Professional Development', you can find an overview of our offer and twelve modules to enhance your employability.

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Personal & Professional Development Portal

On the Personal & Professional Development Portal, you can find a broad range of opportunities to develop your personal and professional skills:

  • Resources, modules, trainings and events
  • Vacancies for (side)jobs, internships and voluntary work
  • Employability Scan for personal advice
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