Education Pharmacology & Personalised Medicine

We are currently involved in the following courses and practicals:

BBS1001 - The LEGO Bricks of Life - Assessors of Assignments

This course focuses on the question how biomolecules impact biology as a whole, up to the level of populations and processes as complex as evolution.

BBS1002 - Homeostasis and Organ Systems - Assessors of Assignments

Knowledge and understanding of normal physiology of the organ systems and regulatory mechanisms will be used to go into more depth with disturbances of homeostasis.

BBS1003 & GZW1026 - SPSS Practical

BBS1005 - Human genetics, reproduction and prenatal development

The course follows three lines which will be linked to each other:

  1. Basic mechanisms of cellular life cycle, cellular interaction and human genetics.
  2. Mechanisms of the human reproduction and embryonic development.
  3. Ethical questions/problems around human reproduction and genetics.

BBS1006 - Scientific Methodology 

BBS2004b - Cell signalling

ITM2023 - CORE Year 2

Students learn to conduct encounters with patients who present with cases that somewhat resemble the cases in their theoretical second-year curriculum. Additionally they reflect on aspects of diversity between individual patients they witness in these cases.

GEN1102 - Circulatie en ademhaling I

In dit blok staan de onderwerpen circulatie en ademhaling centraal. De algemene anatomie en fysiologie van de circulatie (hart en bloedvaten), bloed en ademhaling (longen: ademnood en ademhaling) zullen in dit blok de basis moeten vormen voordat de student in jaar 2 de pathologie├źn van circulatie en ademhaling kan gaan bestuderen.

GEN1102 - Circulatie en ademhaling II

In jaar 1 is de fysiologie van het cardiopulmonale systeem behandeld. In jaar 3 zal de chronische cardiopulmonale aandoeningen besproken worden vanuit een meer klinisch perspectief. Blok 2.1 vormt een brug tussen jaar 1 en 3 door zich te richten op basale pathofysiologie van cardiopulmonale ziekten.

GEN2610 - Drugs in the clinic

In this block the students learn how handle frequent practical challenges for a medical newcomer in clinical drug therapy and how to stay abreast with necessary information. In addition, the students will learn about novel trends and developments in modern pharmacotherapy.

Master Drug Development and Neurohealth:


PSY4812 - Drug Discovery

Student will become acquainted with the different strategies of drug discovery from early stages.

PSY4811 - Medical Needs & Faiulures, Target finding

Student will become acquainted with existing treatments, current and new targets in Neuroscience, i.e. how current knowledge of neuropsychiatric disease processes relates to existing medicinal drugs and research and development of new medicinal drugs.

PSY4815 - Clinical Development

Students will become acquainted with the concept of a clinical development plan and the critical path of studies in early and late development.


Advanced Pharmacology & Drug Treatment seminars for interested Medical students.