Andrew Mackenzie and Elias Tsakas join Arno Riedl on Theory and Decision Editorial Board

Andrew Mackenzie (MPE) and Elias Tsakas (MPE) have joined Arno Riedl (MPE) on the Editorial Board of Theory and Decision. The journal is devoted to all aspects of decision-making, exploring research in psychology, management science, economics, the theory of games, statistics, operations research, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and analytical philosophy.

Arno Riedl receives NWO's Open Competition SSH grant. A first at SBE!

Arno Riedl's project titled "How background uncertainty affects prosocial behavioural" has been awarded a  NWO's Open Competition SSH grant ( a special grant for Curiosity-driven research). 

The project investigates at the behavioural and brain level how motivated one is to voluntarily follow a behavioural rule that is personally costly. Understanding the effect is important because erosion of either social preferences or social norm compliance can have negative societal effects through decreased solidarity among citizens.

Hannes Rusch awarded European Research Council (ERC) grant

Dr Hannes Rusch, assistant professor of Microeconomics and Public Economics (MPE), is one of the 397 early-career researchers who was awarded an ERC grant. 

"I am very excited to be given this unique opportunity to focus on pursuing a line of research for five years and with the help of a dedicated research team"

Hannes' research, "Determinants & Dynamics of Collaborative Exploitation", will advance in uncharted territory, breaking ground for research in several disciplines and multiple levels of analysis. You can expect a more in-depth look at his research in the nearby future. In the meantime, read the ERC article.

Article of Arno Riedl featured by American Economic Association

An article of Arno Riedl (MPE), with co-authors Florian Engl (University of Regensburg) and Roberto Weber (University of Zurich), published in the November 2021 issue of the American Economic Journal: Microeconomics has been featured by the American Economic Association:
In the article, Riedl and co-authors show that institutions have spillover effects to domains where they do not directly apply. Specifically, the authors’ work illustrates the power of institutions to strengthen prosocial behavior more widely than previously shown. Read the article:

Cognitive Performance and Remote Work

MPE researcher Christian Seel, together with his colleagues Steffen Künn (MILE) and  Dainis Zegners from Erasmus University, investigated the impact of remote work on people’s cognitive performance using data on professional chess players. The article is now published in the Economic Journal. Please read more about their study here.

Christian Seel listed among top German Economists under 40

SBE Associate Professor Christian Seel was listed in the Forschungsmonitoring/Handelsblatt Ranking of the 75 Best German Economists Under 40 as number 69. This ranking is based on weighted journal publications. View the full list here.

Second PhD Cum Laude in the history of SBE

Lina Lozano Montana successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation. As a result, Lina received the title of Doctor with Cum Laude, becoming the second person in the history of the Department of Economics to receive this distinction. What further sets this achievement apart is that, in receiving this distinction, Lina became the first woman to do so.

Lina's dissertation, named 'Experimental Studies on Bargaining and Competitive Behavior.', focuses on competitive behavior, gender differences, and how the menstrual cycle influences women's bargaining behavior. Read find the dissertation here .

Netspar paper: An overview of methods measuring risk preferences

In a recent study, targeted at the pension industry, researchers Paul Bokern, Jona Linde, Arno Riedl, Hans Schmeets, and Peter Werner investigated methodologies with which one measures risk preferences and their relation to field behavior.

The study concludes that there is no established standard that provides conclusive evidence as to what measure is optimal to use in the financial sector. Hence why the study recommends a mix of different methods in order to reliably measure risk preferences.

The research is relevant for pension practitioners as risk preferences play an important role in the new Dutch pension agreement and has been picked up by PensioenPro, a media outlet targeted at the Dutch pension and investment sector.

Arno Riedl appointed co-editor Experimental Economics

Effective July 1, 2021, Arno Riedl (Department MPE) has been appointed as co-editor of the leading field journal Experimental Economics. The journal is the official outlet of the Economic Science Association (ESA), the professional international association of experimental and behavioral economics. We wish Arno Riedl much success with this challenge.

Netspar Topicality grant

A project of Arno Riedl, Jona Linde, Paul Bokern, and Peter Werner to research dynamics of risk attitude was awarded a Netspar Topicality grant. 

People’s willingness to take risks affects a range of decisions, many of them relevant for (pension) saving and investing. Measuring risk behaviour and changes in risk attitudes is therefore of great importance to financial institutions. In the awarded project, the research team will examine the relation between a range of (recent) life events and risk attitudes and they will investigate the relationship between life events, risk attitudes, and actual financial decisions.

Hannes Rusch awarded Marie Curie fellowship

Congratulations to Hannes Rusch who was awarded with a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship! Hannes' work examines questions around discrimination and group identities. More information on his research can be found in this article.

In Memoriam Hans van Mierlo

Our former colleague Hans van Mierlo passed away unexpectedly at the age of 67. From 1987 until his retirement in 2020, Hans was a member of the Department of Microeconomics and Public Economics. You can read his In Memoriam here