The three overarching themes of the initiative are Responsibility, Resilience and Sustainability. These main themes are further divided into fourteen (sub) themes, which each have a team leader.


Resilience is loosely defined and understood as 'having the ability to absorb and recover from shocks'. Resilience is distinct from efficiency, innovativeness and competitiveness that have traditionally been prioritized in most areas of (economic) research and policymaking for decades.

The resilience theme leader is Mark Sanders.


Sustainability refers to a society that operates within environmental boundaries and manages natural resources sustainably. The focus in this theme is on moving to a circular and climate-neutral economy.

The sustainability theme leader is René Kemp.


Responsibility extends management of firms to be environmentally and socially responsible through active care for the well-being of workers and communities, the phasing out environmentally damaging activities and the build-up of resilience at the enterprise level.

The responsibility theme leader is Ann Vanstraelen.

MORSE scheme updated_23-04