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Whether you're a high school student looking for an extra challenge in mathematics, or someone who just happens to be visiting Maastricht for the day: MCM offers a number of (free) activities for you to participate in. 

The Mathematical Modelling competition Maastricht

The Mathematical Modelling competition Maastricht - also known as the MMM - is an annual international math competition for high school students.

Teams of up to five high school students – mostly travelling from Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands – spend their Saturday afternoon solving mathematical puzzles. Meanwhile, their teachers are free to attend lectures by UM researchers.

Since the start of the competition in 1995, an estimated 40 teams x 5 high school students x 25 years = 5,000 participants found their way to Maastricht.

MMM takes place in January. For more information and to sign up:
Visit the MMM website

Follow some of the participants of the MMM's 25th anniversary edition in the video above.

Read the story about MMM’s 25th anniversary

National Math Olympiad (‘Wiskundeolympiade’)

Nationale Wiskunde Olympiade

Maastricht University traditionally hosts the one of the regional rounds of the Dutch National Math Olympiad, a national competition for high school students.

Visit the National Math Olympiad website

Game theory for high school students: Spelen en Delen

Spelen en Delen

Spelen en Delen is an introduction to game theory, written for (Dutch) high school students in 5/6 VWO but suitable for anyone with a general interest in mathematics. Apart from an introduction to the topic, the booklet contains a number of problems and answers.

The publication is part of the so-called Zebrareeks, which introduces students to worthwhile mathematics outside of the standard high school curriculum. 

It is also possible to request a guest lecture on game theory by Prof. Frank Thuijsman. 

Order Spelen en Delen online
More information about guest lectures (in Dutch)