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Mathematics Centre Maastricht (MCM)

The Mathematics Centre Maastricht (MCM) unites research, education and outreach in mathematics across Maastricht University.

The centre’s current core departments - the departments of Advanced Computing Sciences and Quantitative Economics - have a shared history in research and education dating back to 1987. Maastricht University has since developed a vibrant mathematics community renowned for its work in areas such as game theory and operations research.

About the Mathematics Centre Maastricht

The Mathematics Centre Maastricht (MCM) is the central point of contact for mathematics research, education and outreach at Maastricht University. The centre is open to inquiries for collaboration, for example from organisations and businesses looking for mathematics support in the EUregion.

Established in 2019, MCM builds on Maastricht's tradition in mathematics which started with the founding of an applied mathematics research group in 1987. Since then, mathematics research and education has branched out to include multiple organisations, notably including the Faculty of Science and Engineering and the School of Business and Economics. 

MCM is a member of PWN (The Dutch Platform for Mathematics) and participates in the research schools LNMB (Dutch Network on the Mathematics of Operations Research) and DISC (National Graduate School for Systems and Control).

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Outreach activities

MCM offers a number of activities for high school students and other visitors, such as the annual Maastricht Mathematical Modeling (MMM) competition and the mathematics-inspired city guide Math/Maastricht.

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