There are two master's programmes at the School of Business and Economics that have close links with the Learning and Work theme.

MSc in Economics, Education and Labour Economics specialisation

Human capital – the talents, knowledge and skills of the population – is the driving force of the economy. Optimal development and use of people’s human capital is necessary for firms and society to be competitive, productive and innovative. However, there are many trade-offs involved, and choices have to be made. The analysis of this landscape is at the core of the Education and Labour Economics specialisation in the MSc in Economics at SBE. This programme has been developed in close cooperation with firms, educational practitioners and education policy-makers. Students will learn to analyse questions with respect to education and labour economics, from both a theoretical and empirical perspective. Practical problems will be tackled with access to unique and comprehensive data on schools education and adult learning.

MSc in Management of Learning

In a competitive business environment, companies need to innovate in order to stay ahead. This means that knowledge is becoming a key business asset. It is also becoming increasingly difficult for organisations to find and retain qualified employees. As a result, the effective use and development of human capital is a strategic decision that companies can no longer ignore. The MSc in Management of Learning introduces the key concepts of learning and development in the workplace. It will challenge students to think about supporting learning and development in an international business environment and to find effective, sustainable and potentially far-reaching solutions. The programme offers the opportunity to participate in a community of learners where students, staff, alumni and business partners create and share knowledge on this topic.