Research Health, Ethics and Society

The issues we examine are current and are ones that require responses that are robust and imaginative, ones that transcend traditional academic barriers. We each come from, and maintain our individual disciplinary identities, but our work is multidisciplinary, and interdisciplinary:

multidisciplinary because our work on different issues starts from our different disciplinary perspectives.

interdisciplinary because it is in the analytical and discursive interactions that we find new perspectives on live issues and new understandings of health, ethics and society.

These are our current research themes.

  • Individuality in community: rights and responsibilities in healthcare
  • The challenges of genomics and biobanking
  • Privacy and Health
  • Stem cells and reproductive medicine
  • Gender and health
  • The challenges of a global health agenda
  • Innovation in health care
  • Changing demands in Public Health
  • Health and Embodiment
  • Mental health and neuroscience

In the table below you will find information about our current research, particularly about our funded research projects.