Research Infrastructure

The research laboratories from the Department of Genetics and Cell Biology are located on the 5th floor within the UNS50 building. Next to approximately 32 workspaces in the general labs, the department has the following specific infrastructure for conducting our scientific research:

  • ML-I bacteriology lab
  • ML-I primary cell culture lab
  • ML-II clean cell culture / stem cell culture lab
  • Several dedicated microscopy labs
  • D-I animal lab
  • D-I / ML-I transgenic mice facility

Next to the above-mentioned specific labs, the department has access to the microscopy core facility and the radionuclide labs (RNL) within Maastricht University.
To be able to continue our high quality level research, we work closely together with several supporting department within our university:

  • Instrument Development, Engineering and Evaluation (IDEE)
  • Facility Services (FS)
  • Centre for Research Innovation, Support and Policy (CRISP)
  • ICT-services
  • Central animal facility (CPV)
  • Biobank Maastricht UMC+