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Genetics and Cell Biology

Genetics and Cell Biology is the home of basic, clinical and diagnostic research spanning from the molecular, cellular and organ level to individuals, families and the population. We aim at improvements in diagnosis, prevention and treatment of various pathologies with a focus on the healthy living aspects.

Genetics and Cell Biology contributes to research activities of four out of five FHML research schools and aims to meet the recommendations of the ‘Gezond Leven’ strategic research report with a strong visible focus on health and prevention. The combination of genetic and cell biological approaches allows for synergy in functional understanding of genetic variations and rapid application of new knowledge into clinical practice.


  • 12 Jun 16 Jun
    09:00 - 17:00

    FULL PhD/ Postdoc course Advanced Optical Microscopy 2023

    The aim of this one-week course is to introduce, discuss, and experience the technologies and applications of various advanced optical microscopic techniques. Also, tissue and cell preparation protocols and immune-cytochemical procedures will be discussed. Finally, vital imaging and quantification of molecular processes in the cell will be explained and demonstrated.