Doctoral theses


Mind The Gatekeeper: Key role of NPC1 protein and lysosomal cholesterol in metabolic diseases and therapeutical implications
Inês Andreia Gonçalves Magro dos Reis, 26.01.2022


Friends, enemies and everything in between: vaginal microbiota and sexually transmitted infections among sub-Saharan African pregnant women
Naomi Juliana, 07.01.2021

Lingling Ding, 18.05.2021

The entanglement of plasma Cathepsin D and metabolic disturbances: relevant insights in the metabolic syndrome

18 May 2021
Supervisor: prof.dr. R. Sverdlov
Co-supervisor: dr. T. Houben

Doctoral Thesis Lingling Ding

Tulasi Yadati, 18.11.2021

Small molecules, big consequences: Novel therapeutic approaches for treating chronic inflammatory diseases

18 November 2021 
Supervisor: Prof. dr. Ronit Shiri-Sverdlov
Co-supervisor: Dr. Tom Houben

Doctoral Thesis Tulasi Yadati


Metabolic phenotyping of the pressure-overloaded Heart – Focus on model development
Ilvy Geraets, 24.01.2020

Sarah Mount, 30.01.2020

Conceptualisations of successful ageing and leads for lifestyle modification

30 January 2020
Supervisors: prof.dr. A.M.W.J. Schols; prof.dr. M.P.A. Zeegers
Co-supervisor: dr. A. Wesselius

Doctoral Thesis Sarah Mount

Sylvia Jochems, 13.02.2020

Diet and bladder cancer risk and recurrence

13 February 2020
Promotores: prof.dr. M.P. Zeegers; prof.dr. F.J. v. Schooten
Co-promotor: dr. A. Wesselius
Double doctoral degree Maastricht University-University of Birmingham

Yiwen Yu, 07.07.2020

Big Data and Prevention of Bladder Cance

7 July 2020
Supervisor: prof.dr. M.P.A. Zeegers
Co-supervisors: dr. A. Wesselius, dr. S. Mehrkanoon

Doctoral Thesis Yiwen Yu

Aomin Sun, 08.09.2020

Role for phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase IIIβ in cardiac metabolic diseases

8 September 2020
Promomtor: prof. dr. J.F.C. Glatz
Co-promotores: dr. J.J.F.P. Luiken, dr. D. Neumann


Doctoral Thesis Aomin Sun

Shujin Wang, 08.09.2020

Vacuolar H+-ATPase as target to restore cardiac function in the diabetic heart

8 September 2020
Supervisor: prof. dr. J.F.C. Glatz
Co-supervisors: dr. J.J.F.P. Luiken, dr. M. Nabben

Doctoral Thesis Shujin Wang

Albert Bitorina, 29.09.2020

Inconspicuous offender: Pathophysiological role of Oxidized-Low Density Lipoprotein in metabolic disease

29 September 2020
Promotor: prof. dr. R. Sverdlov
Co-promotor: dr. J. Theys

Doctoral Thesis Albert Bitorina

Minela Hasković, 02.10.2020

Classic galactosemia: natural history and new treatment approaches

2 October 2020
Promotores: prof.dr. M.E. Rubio-Gozalbo, prof.dr. L.J. Zimmermann
Co-promotor: dr. A. Cruz Coelho

Doctoral Thesis Minela Hasković

Nadežda Lipunova, 12.11.2020

Germline Prognostic Markers For Urinary Bladder Cancer

12 November 2020
Supervisors: prof.dr. M.P. Zeegers, prof.dr. F.J. van Schooten
Co-supervisor: dr. A. Wesselius


Doctoral Thesis Nadežda Lipunova

Joyce J.G. Gietel-Habets, 10.12.2020

A reproductive dilemma? Optimizing counselling for couples with hereditary breast and ovarian cancer who consider using preimplantation genetic diagnosis

10 December 2020
Promotores: prof. dr. C.E.M. de Die-Smulders, prof. dr. V.C.G. Tjan-Heijnen
Co-promotor: dr. L.A.D.M. van Osch

Doctoral Thesis Joyce Gietel-Habets


Neurodevelopmental disorders: a next generation
Margot Reijnders, 11.01.2019

Ivo Eijkenboom, 22.02.2019

A zebrafish model of small-fiber neuropathy

22 February 2019
Supervisors: prof. H.J.M.Smeets, prof. C.G. Faber
Co-supervisor: J. Vanoevelen, PhD

Ivp Eijkenboom

Kelly Reumkens, 28.03.2019

Reproductive decision support in hereditary cancer. The development and evaluation of an online decision aid

28 March 2019
Supervisor: prof. C.E.M. de Die-Smulders
Co-supervisor: L.A.D.M. van Osch, PhD

Doctoral Thesis Kelly Reumkens
Kelly Reumkens

Frits van Osch, 12.04.2019

Smoking and bladder cancer risk and recurrence

12 April 2019
Supervisors: Prof. M. Zeegers, F.J. van Schooten, PhD, R. Bryan, PhD
Co-supervisor: A. Wesselius, PhD

Doctoral Thesis Frits van Osch

Bram Duyx, 17.04.2019

Standing on one shoulder, citation bias in the epidemiological literature

17 April 2019
Supervisors: Prof. M. Zeegers, Prof. L. Bouter
Co-supervisor: G. Swaen, PhD

Doctoral Thesis Bram Duyx

Miriam Urlings, 03.07.2019

Selective citation and its consequences

3 July 2019
Supervisors: Prof. M. Zeegers, Prof. L. Bouter
Co-supervisor: G. Swaen, PhD

Doctoral Thesis Miriam Urlings


Clinical evaluation of preimplantation genetic diagnosis for BRCA1/2 mutations
Inge Derks-Smeets, 17.01.2018

Tom Houben, 18.01.2018

Lysosomes ‘in control’: where lipids meet inflammation in metabolic syndrome

18 January 2018
Supervisors: prof. dr. Ronit Shiri-Sverdlov, prof. dr. Marten Hofker †

Doctoral Thesis Tom Houben

Nikos Stratakis, 02.03.2018

Prenatal Exposure to Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Child Health: a Population-Based Approach

2 March 2018
Supervisors: prof. M. Zeegers, prof. R. de Groot
Co-supervisor: L. Chatzi, PhD, M. Gielen, PhD

Doctoral Thesis Nikos Stratakis

Tom Theunissen, 18.04.2018

Novel causes, mechanisms and therapeutic strategies in mitochondrial disease

18 April 2018
Supervisor: prof. H.J.M. Smeets
Co-supervisors: R. Szklarczyk, PhD, I.F.M. de Coo, PhD (Erasmus MC)

Doctoral Thesis Tom Theunissen
Tom Theunissen 2

Dewi de Waaij, 09.05.2018

Detection and immunogenetics of sexually transmitted infections

9 May 2018
Supervisors: prof. S.A. Morré, prof. R. Peters, S. Ouburg, PhD (VUmc)


Kelly Stewart, 20.09.2018

Preventive genetic testing. Our best foot forward

20 September 2018
Supervisors: prof. M. Zeegers, prof. A. Schols
Co-supervisor: A. Wesselius, PhD

Doctoral Thesis Kelly Stewart
Kelly Stewart

Denis A. Horgan, 16.11.2018

Challenges and targeted opportunities for integrating innovation into Europe's Healthcare Systems

16 November 2018
Supervisors: prof. S. Morré
Co-supervisor: H.J. van Kranen, PhD

Denis Horgan

Pierre P.M. Thomas, 14.12.2018

ChlamIndia: burden of Chlamydia trachomatis in India, implications for policy and practice

14 December 2018
Supervisors: prof. S.A. Morré and prof. J.A. Lal (SHUATS Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India)
Co-supervisor: E. Ambrosino, PhD

Pierre Thomas

Nina A. Schott, 20.12.2020

Growth hormone therapy in kabuki syndrome

20 December 2018
Supervisors: prof. C.T.R.M. Stumpel, prof. L.J.I. Zimmermann
Co-supervisor: W.J.M. Gerver, PhD

Doctoral Thesis Nina A. Schott
Nina Scott