The finance department offers courses in several bachelor, master and research master programmes. The finance staff teaching these courses has many outside contacts with financial and nonfinancial corporations, institutional investors (e.g. pensions funds) or government-related institutions (e.g. ministeries, central banks). This ensures that finance courses are not only academically sound but also up-to-date in terms of practical and policy relevance.

Master Thesis Categories

The purpose of the Master thesis is to independently conduct an empirical study in the field of Finance. You follow the floating thesis skill for your specific program. In this skill, we help you with writing a Master's Thesis Proposal, put you in a position to identify and analyse a financial problem on your own and to apply for that purpose the tools, techniques and concepts you have learned in the previous courses. As part of the floating skill, you either identify a topic on the Finance department website or develop your own thesis topic. At the latest January 9, you finalize and submit your thesis proposal and continue working on your master-thesis with the limited guidance of a supervisor. To indicate your thesis topic and your preferred choices of supervisor, make use of the links to the google sheet available on the thesis skill page of your program.

The full list of thesis topics can be found here

Bachelor of Science

The Finance department contributes to bachelor’s level study at the School of Business and Economics via a set of foundational courses and skills that include:

  • Finance (year 1, mandatory for all BSc students)
  • Banking (year 2)
  • Financial Markets (year 2)
  • Managerial Finance and Accounting (year 2)
  • Corporate Governance (year 2)
  • Financing Emerging Economies (year 2)
  • Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management (year 3, finance major)
  • Financial Management and Policy (year 3, finance major)
  • International Financial Management (year 3, finance major)
  • Options and Futures (year 3, finance major)
  • Finance Field Trips (skill)
  • Finance with Excel (skill)
  • Managing Takeovers (skill)
  • Real Estate Investment and Valuation (skill)

Master of Science

MSc International Business

Within this one-year master's programme, we offer courses in the following specialisations:

  1. Strategic Corporate Finance
  2. Marketing-Finance
  3. Sustainable Finance

MSc Financial Economics

Within this one-year master's programme, we offer courses in the following specialisations:

  1. Asset Pricing
  2. Banking
  3. Financial analysis

Research Master

The two-year Research Master in Economic & Financial Research is intended for students interested in pursuing a PhD programme. More information is available at the GSBE research institute.