Sustainable Finance

Are you interested in analysing and solving financial problems in investment and business? Are you compelled by the ways in which sustainability issues are changing our understanding of the concept of finance? Do you want to know more about the interdependence between finance and sustainability? Then the specialisation in Sustainable Finance could be right for you. As part of the master's programme in International Business, the specialisation combines finance with the principles of sustainability: environment, society and governance.

Following the 2008 financial crisis and on-going criticism of banks and corporations, there is great demand for finance professionals who can implement sustainability principles in a company while maintaining profitability. Bridging the gap between traditional capitalism and a new context of shared economic and social value, sustainable finance is quickly becoming a core part of the mission of financial institutions and companies.

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  • Sustainability really is the greatest challenge of our generation. We only have one world…
    Marc Hassler, International Business, Sustainable Finance


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      “Management of Learning, seven years in a row number one in the rankings and then you decide to change the name of the programme? What a move.”
      “Yes, indeed, quite a daunting move, but the world is constantly changing, so is the way organisations strategically organise their departments. Just like research and development (R&D) is a common term, learning and development (L&D) is the term being used more often to refer to management of learning nowadays. That’s why we changed the name. However, we stay true to the content of the programme, just to make sure future employers will recognise you as their future stars.
      Simon | programme coordinator Learning and Development in Organisations.

      More information on the MSc programme Learning and Development in Organisations:

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      We may sit in our library and yet be in all quarters of the world... We Are Global! 🎓🌏

      Can you guess all sixteen different languages being spoken?

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      Each week we introduce one of the four speakers of the Science Slam 2018!

      Meet Dinah Gutermuth, researcher at the department of Organization and Strategy. Lean in and listen to what leaning in has to do with subjective evaluation!

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