Economic & Financial Research

The Research Master in Economic and Financial Research provides students with an interest in economics and finance with a more intense, and high-level training in economics and finance; and a thorough training in research methodology and analytics.

This unique combination makes the Research Master in Economic and Financial Research especially suited for students who want to prepare for their PhD training, but also for students who are looking for expert training in research methodology for professional life.

Are you a student with a strong academic record that is looking for a high-end diploma? Then applying for the two-year Research Master’s programme in Economic and Financial Research will give you the edge.

The courses in this programme are coordinated and taught by the best research academics within the school. During your curriculum you have to opportunity to work with them throughout your coursework, but also during your research internship. Furthermore, our cooperation with top universities worldwide will allow you to follow guest lectures by international experts, putting you at the forefront of the latest academic research.

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  • The professors teach mathematics in such a way that is actually quite fun
    Cécile Magnée, Economic and Financial Research


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      Our students going the extra mile! 👊
      Lea, Anne, Elisa and Caterina secured a silver medal in this year’s Econometric Game in Amsterdam. To appease fans frustrated by the lack of mainstream media coverage, we asked one of their number, Lea Bottmer, to tell us more.

      A numbers game
      16 hours 52 min ago
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      Europe is strongly intertwined economically. We trade intensively with each other and there are financial flows throughout Europe. The economy has done its job for Europe. But now? “We are economically integrated”, says Prof. Clemens Kool, professor of Macroeconomics and International Monetary Economics. “The biggest gain from this was achieved. But that’s not enough. Now, Europe needs to focus on shaping its socio-economic policies and political integration. That’s in the hands of national politicians, who can’t achieve this without sufficient support from their constituents.”

      'Only through a positive approach will Europe stand strong'
      1 day 16 hours ago
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