Our main research theme is about Learning, Training and Development in Schools and Organisations. We focus on learning in and for the professions, conducting studies in school programmes as well as workplace settings. Many of our studies are conducted in close cooperation with organisations. We examine Learning and Development at various levels: individual, team and groups, networks, and organisations.


Better understanding

Our research aims to develop a better understanding of the learner, learning processes, schooling and training, and learning outcomes. This research takes place in a wide variety of school-related and work-related settings. For that purpose we examine experts at work, and how the work environment influences their performance. Next, we question the necessary conditions in the work environment and their effects on the learner, learning processes and learning outcomes. As a consequence part of our research is on how design and delivery of schooling and training is related to learning outcomes.

Given the dynamic environment of organisations, investment in human capital implies a strategic approach of supporting employees’ professional development. A key question is: what are the optimal conditions for employees to continuously learn in order to update their competencies? In our research programme, we study this question from a socio-cognitive perspective. We address phenomena of team learning in different team settings. Moreover, we focus on informal learning in the workplace, more specifically how professionals’ feedback seeking behavior contributes to their performance, expertise growth and career development.

Our highly ranked Master Learning and Development in Organisations pays attention to these issues in courses on Human Capital Development, Human Resource Development, Organisational Development, and Learning and Development at the Workplace.