Stimulating active and critical discussion, sharing the stories of Europe

Public debate on Europe

Questions about the future of Europe are abundant: How will Europe deal with geopolitical issues like Atlanticism or Eurasian integration? How will Europe ensure energy security in the coming decades?

EIPA students

Will the EU continue to expand? Will EU members continue to integrate politically and economically? What will the future EU economy look like? Will European citizens have a greater democratic voice in the future policies of the European Union?

Maastricht University (UM) is committed to facilitating public debate and academic discussion on these and other European themes and finding joint solutions for European challenges. We  offer citizens the chance to take part in this European dialogue by means of many interactive lectures, critical debates, inspiring workshops and exhibitions.

Fostering understanding about Europe

This way, we help reduce the democratic deficit and enhance people’s understanding of how ‘Europe’ shapes their daily lives.

To this end, UM’s faculties and expertise centres have joined forces with many external stakeholders, ranging from citizens, policy-makers and journalists to politicians and governmental agencies, businesses and youth organisations.



Studio Europa Maastricht
European Citizen Panel on EU in the world: Migration
Campus Brussels

Fireplace Talks, the RELAY Network & more

The Fireplace Talks were an event series creating an open space for conversation between academics, practitioners, and the audience. Each Talk was dedicated to a prominent global issue or a trending topic. RELAY was a project for discussing the European Commission’s political guidelines and work programme with a wide and diverse array of stakeholders. Read more about these and other event series like What’s Up, EU? on Campus Brussels web pages.

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Jean Monnet Lecture Series

Since 2008, CERiM has organized four Jean Monnet Lectures per year. During these lectures our community and researchers engage with relevant topics, discover new research perspectives and exchange views and opinions. JM Lectures are open to the public and given by prominent scholars or experts in the field.

Learn more about the lecture’s series’ namesake Jean Monnet

More about the Jean Monnet lectures

The ITEM cross-border portal

ITEM maintains a Cross-border Portal that provide recent information about the work of ITEM in cross-border mobility issue in the news and publications. The Portal is regularly updated with relevant information on the European, national and regions levels. What is more, ITEM provides in-depth legal information, test cases and a Case Database with analysed and anonymized cases. There you’ll find previously submitted questions and cases handled by ITEM researchers. You can also submit a new case to ITEM.

More about the ITEM Cross-border Portal
YUFE Campuses including UM

YUFE Academy lectures and workshops

The YUFE Academy is a series of lectures, workshops and activities on “Citizens wellbeing” that are given along the network of YUFE campuses. It’s a platform aimed at strengthening European identity, raising awareness about social issues, providing solutions to global and local challenges, and making an impact on EU Citizens.

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Studio Europa Maastricht with City of Maastricht, Province of Limburg, European Youth Forum and European Journalism Centre

Maastricht Debates

The last Maastricht Debate took place in April 2019 with the lead candidates of the European political parties for the role of European Commission President. The 90-minute event was broadcast live across the European Union. This was a follow-up to the previous debate five years earlier in 2014 where European Commission President Juncker defended his vision for Europe and outlined what he would do if elected.

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