23 March 2020

Update #18 COVID-19

 PLEASE NOTE: these updates may contain outdated information. Please read the latest information.

Update #18: 23 March 2020, 17.30 hrs

This update provides information about cybersecurity, a webinar with the entire Executive Board tomorrow, and more.

Warning cybercriminals and online tools

Cybercriminals are responding to the turmoil surrounding the coronavirus with phishing emails, text messages or phone calls, among other things. They regularly present themselves as trustworthy organisations, such as government agencies or hospitals. The fake messages contain malicious links or infected files. You could have malware installed before you know it. So it's important to be very cautious digitally, even while working from home!

In addition, many colleagues are currently looking for extra tools online for certain functionalties. We call on everyone to be diligent and cautious in this respect. Think carefully before you install something on your computer and consult with the ICT Service Desk when in doubt.

Webinar with the Executive Board

Tomorrow, Tuesday 24 March, at 14.30, the entire Executive Board will answer questions during a webinar. President Martin Paul, Vice President and leader of the Crisis Management Team Nick Bos and Rector Magnificus Rianne Letschert will talk about their experiences. You can find the webinar through UM’s Facebook pageInstagram and Youtube.

Martin’s blog post 2

The column that Martin Paul published last Saturday in the newspaper De Limburger can now also be found on his online blog under the title 'Hoarding and other corona symptoms'.

New story in the 'We're open’ series

In the next story in the 'We're open' series on the UM website, Mark Levels (SBE) talks about the economic outlook and digital after-work-drinks, among other things.

Suppliers paid faster

Maastricht University feels a social responsibility towards our suppliers, some of whom are currently going through difficult economic times. In order to support them, within our capabilities, we are going to drastically reduce the processing time of invoices. This means that all invoices, once approved, will be paid immediately.

English news on RTV Maastricht

In addition to the message in update #17 about English-language news channels, we would like to shine the spotlight on local broadcaster RTV Maastricht. This channel is publishing English-language reliable journalistic news on facebook and Instagram.

Do you have any extra time? UM task board in the making

Employees who (in consultation with their manager) have to or want to take on other work due to a reduction in their normal tasks, or managers who need extra people to get their work done, can contact the UM task board. The Staff Career Centre is currently developing a database linking supply and demand in this area. For the time being, it is already possible to register via staffcareercentre[at]maastrichtuniversity[dot]nl. Eventually, there will be a digital platform.