Check out what happened during the Sustainability Week 2023, held from 17-22 April.

The Sustainability Week 2023: recapped

The annual Sustainability Week is an initiative by the UM Green Office and Klimaat Actie Netwerk (KAN Party), powered by Sustainable UM2030. The week-long event took place in late April and brought together students, faculty members, businesses, and the local community to promote sustainable practices and raise awareness about pressing environmental issues.

Sustainability Week 2023 was, once again, a resounding success, inspiring around 600 attendees to make a positive impact and fostering a sense of environmental stewardship through workshops, lectures, and panel discussions.

Faculty Days at the Sustainability Week: bridging Academia, Industry, and Students

Sustainability Week 2023 introduced a new addition to its program with 'Faculty Days. Each faculty had its dedicated day, offering a series of activities, workshops, and lectures that highlighted the role of sustainability within their respective curricula and faculty topics. The Faculty Days aimed to bridge the gap between academia, industry, and students, fostering engaging conversations and promoting interdisciplinary collaboration. Morning lecture blocks, afternoon workshops, and evening panels, allowed participants to delve deep into sustainability issues and explore how they intersected with their specific interests and faculty subjects.

Some of the topics explored during this weeklong event related to sustainable business practices, food, careers, fashion but also youth involvement.

What’s the relationship between capitalism, economics and sustainability? What’s sustainable property law and its impact on our society? How do we reduce food waste, and what are the benefits of buying locally and organically? These are a few of the questions that were asked, and later answered or fiercely debated during the Sustainability Week.

The Sustainability Festival: Celebrating Earth Day

The week-long event reached its climax on April 22, Earth Day, with the lively and engaging Sustainability Festival held within the Tapijn Area. The festival captivated visitors with a wide array of activities and attractions.

From 1 pm to 6 pm, participants explored the art market at the Sustainability Hub, the informative info market at Tapijn and the vintage market at Kaleido. Workshops conducted at the Sustainability Hub equipped attendees with practical skills to live more sustainably, empowering them to make positive changes in their daily lives.

Short Impression

Below you can find a photo impression of the Sustainability Week 2023 and the episode UM by Bike in which you can see what happened at the Sustainability Hub and during the Climate Fresk Workshop.

Watch the video UM by Bike for a short impression of the Sustainability Week

Want to know more about sustainability at UM? Visit the web page sustainability.


By: UM Green Office and Sustainable UM2030

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