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    10 selection criteria to consider when you search for the right journal for your article


    10 selection criteria to consider when you search for the right journal for your article. Let us help you with our 10-step guide to find journals where you could submit your manuscript.

  • Instituto Terra

    Walking 4 SDGs: A virtual odyssey for climate action because we are all connected with nature


    Between 20 March and 8 May 2021, UNU-MERIT staff and students walked, ran and cycled in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 13.

  • Book cover with abstract image and the title 'Myth or Lived Reality - On the (In)Effectiveness of Human Rights'

    Book publication: Myth or Lived Reality - On the (In)Effectiveness of Human Rights


    This book seeks to explore, from a multidisciplinary perspective, whether human rights are, in fact, a myth or a lived reality. Over the years much has been said about their effectiveness or, rather, their ineffectiveness. This perceived ineffectiveness relates not only to institutional challenges at the international level, but also to national implementation mechanisms and processes. In addition, questions have arisen as to whether individuals or groups of individuals actually benefit from the normative guarantees contained in human rights law and whether human rights as legal constructs can be effectively translated into better outcomes.

  • pax2.jpg

    Best Defendant memorandum Award voor Tax Moot Court team


    From March 28 - April 2, 2021, Maastricht University competed in the International and European Tax Moot Court Competition 2020 – 2021 organized by the Institute of Tax Law of KU Leuven and the IBFD in cooperation with Deloitte.

  • VerDus-synthesestudie

    VerDus-Synthesis Study: Urban Sustainability Transitions: Energy, Climate, & Circularity


    How do we involve citizens in the sustainability transition? When do they start participating? What solutions could reliably count on wide public support and how do we find these? What implications could such an approach have for governmental practices? What barriers do sustainable solutions encounter at the institutional level and how could these be overcome?

    By synthesizing the results of twelve different research projects, Joop de Kraker and René Kemp (Maastricht Sustainability Institute) try to provide answers to questions like these.

  • MPP student presenting

    From study to simulation to public policy reality: Why communication is key


    This year’s International Education Day, 24 January, occurs in the wake of a global pandemic that closed schools and universities worldwide. We hear from course tutor Victor Osei Kwadwo, among others, on the value of training in public policy communication, especially in the context of an extended lockdown.

  • MPP alumnus Rodolpho Zannin Feijó during Alumni Week

    ‘This pandemic has shown us we have to think in integrated ways’


    MPP alumnus Rodolpho Zannin Feijó joined the first online edition of the Maastricht University Alumni Week last month as a guest speaker from his home city of Curitiba in Brazil. Here are six highlights from the conversation.

  • Rianne Letschert signing the Declaration of intent UN Convention higher education institutions
  • UM Career Services

    Here to stay!


    When the lockdown was announced in March, UM Career Services immediately started thinking about offering their services online. In the meantime, they can hardly imagine that the online offer will ever disappear completely. And: they are open all summer.

  • Team photo

    Maastricht wins Nuremberg Moot Court!


    Another significant victory for Maastricht law students in the Nuremberg Moot Court!

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