Research ITEM Cross-border Impact Assessment 2017 - call

The Institute for Transnational and Euregional cross border cooperation and Mobility / ITEM conducts research into current transnational and cross-border issues. One of its core activities is to conduct research into the effects of existing and future legislation on border regions through its annual ITEM cross-border impact assessment. There is a lack of information regarding the (possible) effects of national and EU policy and legislation on border regions. The annual ITEM Cross-border Impact Assessment will reveal these effects.

ITEM Cross-border Impact Assessment Enquete

In 2016, this has resulted in the first ITEM Cross-border Impact Assessment. The results of the first edition can be found here.

Each year, ITEM makes a selection of the most important subjects that are most suitable for research and in-depth analysis. This selection is made on the basis of input by ITEM’s stakeholders. This input is collected by means of a survey, which is now online. Grab the opportunity to submit your dossier suggestion related to legislation at the European, national and regional level to ITEM!

Dossier suggestions can be made through 25 January via the following link: 

The survey is only the first phase of the ITEM Cross-Border Impact Assessment 2017. During the second phase, ITEM will establish a final shortlist of dossiers. The third phase consists of the essential research for the selected dossiers as conducted by various ITEM researchers and experts. The final phase comprises the publication and dissemination of the results.


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