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    Maastricht scholars successfully fight forced marriage and marital captivity


    For the research group led by Susan Rutten, professor of Islamic Family Law in a European Context at Maastricht University (UM), in recent weeks, everything has fallen into place. Partly in response to the recommendations of their MARICAP study, the Dutch minister of legal protection Sander Dekker recently proposed a bill to make it possible to bring a swifter end to marital captivity.

  • Hande Wevers
  • Blog IGIR Patent aggregation, innovation, and competition law: setting the stage

    "Consumer and data privacy: the digital revolution of legal, social and economic interaction"


    On Friday 24 January 2020, the Faculty of Law at the Maastricht University will host the International Symposium ‘’Consumer and data privacy: the digital revolution of legal, social and economic interaction’’, with the support of the Limburg University Fund/SWOL, the Faculty of Law at the Maastricht University, and the Maastricht, Working on Europe Research Agenda.

  • ITEM 2020 survey

    Survey – ITEM Cross-Border Impact Assessment 2020


    The consultation round on the upcoming ITEM Cross-Border Impact Assessment 2020 has been launched.

  • Thomas Kipka_phd_thesis

    Arm’s Length Treatment of Soft-Intangibles


    PhD thesis written by Thomas Kipka.
    Comparative Analysis of the Treatment of Soft-Intangibles in Business Restructurings in Germany, the United States and according to the OECD.

  • Jacques Claessen portret

    Jacques Claessen appointed endowed professor of Restorative Justice


    Jacques Claessen (Associate Professor of Criminal Law, UM Faculty of Law) will be appointed as endowed professor of Restorative Justice on 15 December 2019. The chair was established by the Netherlands Restorative Justice Foundation and has been placed within the Criminal Law & Criminology Department, where Jacques has been working since 2003. The chair was made possible with financial support from the Bianchi Restorative Justice Foundation. 

  • Conflicts and Compromise: Internationalization of Competition Law


    PhD thesis written by Shuo Li. 
    Competition law gained a lot of attention all over the world because of its natural relation to economy and market. With the background that the pace of globalization nowadays is faster than ever before, this research will focus on the internationalization of competition law, including basic concepts, historical development, present situation and future possibilities of international competition law.

  • ITEM jaarconferentie

    ITEM anniversary conference 'Building cross-border cooperation' a success


    On 21 and 22 November, the fifth annual conference, so an anniversary edition, of ITEM took place in the Province of Overijssel. Policy makers, politicians and scientists came together in Enschede to build cross-border cooperation.

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  • still Animation video Personal Health Train

    Do algorithms help make healthcare better?


    How can you further improve healthcare with the use of ‘big data’? That question is central to many scientific studies worldwide. At Maastricht University, the research group led by Professor of Clinical Data Sciences André Dekker is also working on answers to this question.

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