• Article in news paper Trouw about intercountry adoption by Lies Wesseling.

  • During the last edition of TEDxMaastricht, which took place on 17 October 2016, three UM staff members gave an inspiring TED talk within the theme ‘A matter of perspective’. 

  • David Townend

    Interview David Townend

    David Townend, endowed professor of Law and Legal Philosophy in Health, Medicine and Life Sciences: Governance and Regulation in a Changing Science Landscape

  • VitaK Innovation develops new medical diagnostics device TransCare (Brightlands news).

  • If you write a dissertation on the history of Problem-Based Learning (PBL), you cannot avoid discussing Maastricht University. You also cannot avoid the work of Professor of Psychology Henk Schmidt, who, from 1974, contributed to the development of PBL at the country's eighth medical faculty in...

  • From 30 October to 19 November a team of forensic experts of Maastricht University trained 20 Rwandan police officers at the National Police College in Musanze, Rwanda.

  • The procedure for making an appointment for a pension consultation will change in 2017. In recent years, employees have expressed a growing interest in attending the pension consultations. As a result, these sessions have been booked up very quickly. Furthermore, it appeared that a pension...

  • Study published in Cell Metabolism by University Maastricht/Maastricht UMC+ reveals increase in inflammatory response of immune cells due to HDL.

  • ‘There’s no cure for osteoarthritis’, is what Wikipedia and all available textbooks say. According to the consortium ‘William Hunter revisited’, led by Prof. Karperien (University of Twente), it is now time to revise this.

  • Before the discovery of penicillin in 1943, people died from infections caused by everyday household accidents – there were simply no drugs available to fight off these infections. This may happen again in the future, warn scientists from all over the world.